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NHS Nurses Demand to COVID Test Newborn Baby, as 'It’s Not Mother’s Property Once Outside Womb'

Then threatens to report mother to social services

A shocking video tweet shows NHS nurses demanding to COVID test a newborn baby, claiming once the baby is outside the mother's womb it's no longer the mother’s property (it's the state's) then threatening to report her to social services for refusing to comply.

The video posted to Twitter, shows a heavily pregnant mother in a hospital bed being lectured by nurses about how it’s 'mandatory' for the baby to be given a COVID test immediately after birth. “It is my property,” states the mother, to which one of the nurses responds, “so you will…while the baby’s in your abdomen.”

The mother asserts “So you’re saying once the baby comes out it’s not my property no more, yes it is, I gave birth to it, it’s got my blood running through it,”

The nurse then continued to insist she “explain” why the baby needs a COVID test, which only serves to stress out the pregnant woman.

“Do you really think I need this bullshit about COVID when I’ve got a risk of losing my baby?” the woman asks.

The father of the baby then suggests the pair leave the hospital, stating, “They’re not COVID testing my baby – end of.”

The mother refuses, stating “You can’t tell me that you get to give me the say of what happens once my baby’s born – I don’t think so, you can’t do nothing to my baby without my permission,”

The nurse then responds by saying the mother’s refusal to have her baby COVID tested will be documented and passed on to social services (the Safeguarding team), essentially meaning that the mother will be investigated for neglect and possibly face authorities trying to remove the baby from her care.

It is truly terrifying how the nurses are acting, with the scene resembling some dystopian nightmare movie and not the birth of a child in a English hospital. The NHS staff appear to be 'following zee orders' and, at no point do they question the logic or morals of the rules. It is clear the mindset is that the baby is the property of the State, and that any and all medical procedures can be performed on the child regardless of the parent's wishes. Welcome to the National Marxist Covid Service.

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