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An Oxfordshire County Council member of staff has confirmed that their plans are for a Climate Lockdown and they have been "actively lying" to the public since the start.

David (not his real name) a member of staff working for Oxfordshire County Council, contacted Vision News to give us the inside story on their plans for climate lockdowns, fuelled by "contempt for residents" and a "pathological hatred from the motorist'.

The Council employee, who has asked to remain anonymous for fear of losing his job, told Philip James that ANPR cameras are only one small part of it's programme of social engineering.

"You have to look at the bigger picture. There's a lot more going on than half a dozen bloody ANPR cameras." he said. "they're just the tip of the iceberg." "Like we've installed a load of Artificial Intelligence cameras that are on the boundary of every one of those 15 minute neighbourhoods we're not supposed to be doing, and they conveniently didn't mention those." David added.

When our journalist asked David if the plan was a climate lockdown the answer was clear:

"Yes, it's a climate lockdown, of course it is, our Councillors are obsessed with it, and they hate the car, what else would you call it?"

David (not his real name) told our reporter that the Low Traffic Neighbourhoods, traffic filters, road closures, Quickways, Zero Emission Zones, Quietways, and 20 miles an hour limits are ALL part of the war on Oxford's Motorists and the intention is to lock residents down to their local neighbourhood.

"in reality,they're all part of the same plan and not, as we're claiming, all unrelated traffic schemes."

The ANPR cameras are a Red Herring, they're not important: It's all the other cameras, sensors, and scanners we've put up that will be doing the damage."

Astonishingly, the Council employee said that their own study into traffic reduction and air quality improvement was 'buried' because it didn't support the lockdown narrative. Even more shockingly, David aledges his colleagues knew the LTNs would increase congestion on remaining roads and claims that "that was the point".

According to David "Oxford's 15 minute neighbourhoods will use the same trick" saying "they'll force people onto the only roads not blocked-off and then claim the resulting gridlock is the fault of the motorist. exactly the same as they did with LTNs." "the people I work with know that forcing motorists onto those roads will cause more congestion, and they'll use that to impose more lockdowns"

"If the only road out of your neighbourhood is constantly blocked, what will you do? You're going to stay at home, aren't you?"

"None of this is a coincidence of course, it's all done with a purpose. The council want all cars off the roads, they hate the motorist, they're obsessed with making our lives a misery."

"They're not being honest to residents at all, In fact, they're lying through their teeth to them."

"OCC was one of the first to sign-up to the UK100 group, and guess what that is a plan for? 15 minute cities, it's on the bloody website, they conveniently neglected to mention that either."

"We're currently looking at average speed cameras for the 20 mph roads after 2024, and the 100 day permits will be reduced year on year until 2030, but again, this isn't supposed to be talked about."

"From the very start, they've been lying to residents they didn't even get any death threats, that was another lie. They were desperate to play the victim.. desperate"

"I feel embarrassed to be working at OCC quite honestly. When the story was on the news we were told that if anyone from the media contacted us, we were not to answer their questions, and just refer them to Communications who were the only ones allowed to speak to them." "in case we said something we shouldn't, like tell them the truth"

David is currently searching for another job.



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