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Oxford County Council Deceived Public Over 'Traffic Filters' Reveals The Times

Council pledged system would go ahead over six months before the consultation.

Documents released under the freedom of information laws show it promised the "oxford Traffic Filters" would go ahead SIX MONTHS BEFORE THE PUBLIC CONSULTATION began

The Times reports. The Council pushed through a clampdown on motorists to clinch £33m of government funding for 159 electric buses.

When we [Vision News] reported on the Council last year, we were called 'conspiracy theorists' for suggesting that they had secretly agreed to implement the 15 minute city plan in 2021, and that the consultation was a sham. Now, the Times Newspaper has confirmed what we reported at the time. Presumably Oxford County Council don't consider The Times Newspaper a 'disreputable source', or threaten to sue them as they did us for reporting the same thing.

The Times goes on to state: Cameras will monitor six pinch-points, or 'filters' in the city. Locals will have to apply for a permit to drive through them on up to 100 days a year. They will be fined £70 if they pass through without a permit.

In an email dated MARCH 25th last year officials from the department of transport said Ministers would award the Council £32.8m towards the £82.5 million cost of the fleet of electric buses. The allocation was specifically linked to a written pledge the DfT received from the Council that it would approve filters "no later than December 2022"

This would also unlock a contribution of £43.7m from bus operators leaving the council to provide £6m. The clock was ticking, months before the public had had their say and the consultation was not launched until September 5th.

The Council said to the Times "We want to make the most of available government funding for transport projects" "The council has always been open that commitment from Bus dependent of reduced bus journey times"


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