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Lockdown Madness: The Fightback STARTS HERE

It has become increasingly clear, since Boris Johnson arrived back on the scene last week, that he is now entirely detached from reality. Any doubt that he was still a rational person was dispelled last night as he told us that he'd had it on good authority that the apocalypse was here (again).

Johnson repeated the theories of hysterical enumerates Whitty, Ferguson and Vallance that a plague was definitely going to kill us all unless we had draconian new rules to control every aspect of our lives to fight it. You see we simply have to wreck the lives of millions of people, destroy British society and plunge it into a dystopian hell to prevent this apocalypse, that is according to Boris Johnson. And the Prime Minister dealt with the question of why six months of lockdowns, and mindless rules had not stopped the virus to-date by blaming the public, saying there had been “too many breaches of the rules." Yes, it was us all a long that was the cause of its spread.

Johnson believes, without question, the fantasy tales of Neil Ferguson, Chris Whitty and Patrick Vallance, who, at some point in the not too distant future, must face a public enquiry about their lies, incompetence, cover-ups, and motives. But for now they wield an inordinate amount of power over all our lives, partly due to their critics being silenced by the media.

As Whitty and Vallance held their, already infamous, press-briefing a group of scientific experts who fundamentally disagree with their theories wrote an open letter to Boris Johnson saying that, in their expert opinion, any type of lockdown was entirely the wrong thing to do. They also poured cold water on the efficacy of any type of social distancing.

Johnson didn't even acknowledge the letter and, according to insiders in Downing Street he is unlikely to have even read it.

Even if there were a deadly virus with the potential to kill us all, how does increased bureaucracy stop it? Endless diktats cannot cure you from a viral infection, and any laws created on the premise that they can are spurious.

If you agree then there are things that you can do to help fight this increasingly authoritarian government.

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