Leaked NHS Document Tells Staff How to Cajole 'Refuseniks' into Having the Vaccine

If you've been plagued by dozens of phone-calls from your GP surgery, this'll be why.

An Internal document by NHS England's Behaviour Change Unit instructs staff on psychological manipulation techniques to bully you into taking the jab.

An NHS internal document circulated to all frontline staff in the vaccine programme has been sent to Vision News by a whistleblower in which it details exactly how to bully someone into having the jab. Written by the NHS Behavioural Change Unit, in conjunction with psychologists at the Warwick Business School, it is a 'how to' guide for cajoling those who are hesitant or refusing the vaccine.

The 17 page instruction manual details ways that anyone can be manipulated into having the vaccine. listing each target group in turn, it not only gives the Do's and Don'ts but gives specific NLP techniques that it claims 'will land well'. "Our behaviour is influenced by what our attention is drawn to, and our personal experiences" says the document, going on to detail how manipulating emotions gets the best results and suggests appealing to ego, for a positive outcome, stating: AFFECT: "Our emotional associations can powerfully shape our actions - provoking emotion can change health behaviour". EGO: "We act in ways that make us feel better about ourselves and support the impression of a positive and consistent self image."

It targets each group in turn, providing psychological tricks and key phrases that will elicit the 'right' response.

For the over 65s it states:

LEVERAGE "leverage anticipated regret in your communications - '"Over 65s are 3 times more likely to die from Covid. Think about how you will feel if you do not get vaccinated and end up with Covid-19"

DON'T: "don't allow perception of coercion or obligation"

For Care Workers it states:

Do: Emphasise that vaccines are about staff health and not workforce numbers

Don't: Don't leave implicit that a successful roll out returns us to 'normal'

Weave into the message: "Our organisation cares about your health"

For Care Home Residents it states:

Do: Provide incentives; certification of the Care Home's percentage of vaccine; Posters with message 'Your Care Home is Safe'.

Don't: Don't allow perception of coercion

For Young People it states:

DO: Acknowledge conspiracy theories, identify which ones have most traction on social media and counter through clear evidence from trusted sources.

message: There are many conspiracy theories across social media. Our leading scientists and medical experts recommend vaccination because of the robust evidence that it works.