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Government Should Blame 'Refuseniks' for Virus Mutations Says Behavioural Insights Team

Evidence might be a bit hard to come by though.

Government Advisors have secretly drawn up plans for a new propaganda campaign which would see those refusing the vaccine being blamed for new mutations emerging.

The government's psychological warfare unit, officially called the Behavioural Insights Team, are advising government to blame all new mutations on those who refuse the vaccine. 'Refuseniks' will be said to have "allowed mutations to emerge" by not taking the vaccine. The team are advising ministers, to repeat this phrase at all subsequent press briefings, and radio and television interviews.

The plan is the latest in a series of campaigns specifically targeted at those who have been resistant to Government authoritarianism during the pandemic. Previously, those who have shown dissent have been blamed for: Killing Granny; Christmas being 'cancelled'; and lockdowns being 'extended', now anyone who refuses to have the vaccine like a good little citizen will be blamed for 'vaccine resistant mutations' emerging.

There is, of course, no evidence for any of this, not a single case of anyone refusing to wear a mask has known to have lead to a death, or even an infection, and likewise, absolutely no evidence that those refusing a vaccine are suddenly going to be petri dishes for new mutations. But the Behavioural Insights Team are not concerned with facts, their brief is psychological warfare, devising campaigns to cajole people into complying.

The current campaign shown on UK tv repeatedly is pernicious, and to many it was grossly offensive, specifically targeting those who have questioned the pandemic. An insidious implication that the 'non-believers' were directly responsible for others suffering.

A previous campaign which implied that all joggers had the coronavirus was banned by the Advertising authority after complaints. The advertising authority ruled that there was no evidence for the governments claims and banned it from air. The advert contained such lies as "around one in three people have no symptoms and are spreading it without knowing".

and "someone working out in the park is highly likely to have Covid-19". without any proof or such wild claims. But proof is not something that the Behavioural Insights Team is interested in, if anything 'facts' are what the BI Team want to avoid. Their focus is on creating fear, anger, hatred, and devision.

Note of caution for the BIT team though; vilifying beach-goes in August bank holiday last year, claiming this was a super-spreader event, was exposed by scientists as completely false. Professor Mark Woolhouse, professor of infectious disease epidemiology at the University of Edinburgh stated clearly “There were no outbreaks linked to crowded beaches, there’s never been a Covid-19 outbreak linked to a beach ever anywhere in the world to the best of my knowledge.”

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Mark Wijesinghe
Mark Wijesinghe
Apr 01, 2021

Yes, one main stream journalist has investigated the link that "UK, SA and Brazil variants" emerged from where AZ trials took place.


Silver Angel
Silver Angel
Mar 07, 2021

The facts are that covid fizzled out in the summer according to scientists, as it mutated to 20,000 safe strains of the common cold. Those who had been suffering deadly symptoms of ‘covid’ were those taking a faulty flu jab called ‘Flucelvax’ which was cultured using canine kidney cells and so dog coronaviruses accidentally got into the vaccine and caused deadly cytokine storms in 1 in 3 according to a previous study, who subsequently caught any coronavirus.

86% of the deadly cases of covid also showed from studies, occured to those with vitamin D deficiency, which also found that black and Asian minorities had the worse affected since they suffer a 44% higher vitamin D deficiency that white races. Simplest…

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