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Johnson and Biden Discuss 'Great Reset' Plans in Urgent Phone call

BORIS Johnson has spoken with US President Joe Biden, Downing Street has confirmed, with the global fight against coronavirus, vaccine rollout and Climate Change being top of the Agenda.

A Downing Street spokesperson said “The Prime Minister and President agreed that combatting climate change will be a crucial component of 'building back better' from the pandemic." "They shared their goals for the President’s Climate Change Summit in April and the UK-hosted COP26 Summit in November, including the need to address climate change and preserve biodiversity in tandem." adding "They discussed the importance of ensuring all countries have access to the green technology they need to reduce carbon emissions."

As we have reported previously, "Build Back Better" is the slogan of the World Economic Forum's now notorious 'Great Reset' agenda which has formed the basis of several world leader's economic policy since it was launched last year. Jo Biden is a regular speaker at the WEF's Davos summit's and is a personal friend of its founder Klaus Schwab, and has already pledged his allegiance to the plan with a promise to speed-up its implementation now he is in office.

Boris Johnson has also begun implementing draconian policies based on the World Economic Forum's paper, having only been in office a matter of days before banning sales of all petrol and diesel vehicles by 2030. His fiancé Carrie Symonds, a climate-change activist, is said to have had undue influence on Johnson over policy making with some observers suggesting that these are entirely of her making.

Get ready for CLIMATE LOCKDOWNS, part two of the Great Reset plan.

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