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Hypocrite Chris Packham Lives in the Lap of Luxury, Drives a 'Gas Guzzler' like Jeremy Clarkson's and Lives in a £2 Million Country House

Packham wants you to live in poverty, be cold, hungry, and give up your car. Not him of course, he's not giving up his luxury lifestyle any time soon.

Packham has become more and more obnoxious over recent years, going from boring tv presenter, to full-on cult member before our very eyes. The Just Stop Oil member, who was recently cleared to take on the UK Government in court over decisions to reverse some of its green policies, was among the panellists on the BBC’s flagship political programme with Laura Kuenssberg and clashed with Luke Johnson, the former chairman of both PizzaExpress and Channel 4.

Packham took the opportunity to push the climate change agenda, making the normal unsubstantiated claims about recent weather events being caused by global warming, and that renewables are cheaper than fossil fuels both claims being untrue. When he was challenged about the claims, in a petulant voice said "Well it doesn’t come from Toby Young’s ‘Daily Septic’ which is basically put together by a bunch of professionals with close affiliations to the fossil fuel industry, it comes from… something called ‘science’.

In recent years Chris Packham has become more erratic, more obnoxious, and has begun acting like a doomsday cult member. He has clashed with other celebs like Neil Oliver and Jeremy Clarkson, who have dared to challenge the eco-zealot claims.

In October 2010 he told the Telegraph that there were too many humans on the planet, and “we need to do something about it”. In 2020, he informed the Daily Mail that “quite frankly” smallpox, measles, mumps and malaria were there “to regulate our population”.

He claims that mass extinction of all life on Earth is imminent unless humans stop burning hydrocarbons. He routinely shouts about energy companies making "obscene profits" and readily repeats the lie that renewables are cheaper than fossil fuels even though the truth is that renewables were cheaper, for all of 22 minutes in 2021, following Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

Packham believes the all the stories, that we must stop the use of ALL fossil fuels to avert the world boiling. He demands the ceasing of industrial farming, confiscation of 'profits' from the oil and gas companies and the rejection of capitalism.

He routinely clashes with other celebs who challenge him on anything. He clashed with Jeremy Clarkson who had joked that he'd bought a Range Rover "just to annoy Chris Packham". and threw his toys out of the pram when Neil Oliver interrogated his outlandish claims.

But we can reveal that Chris Packham is a huge hypocrite, if not a total fraud, because whilst he expects, no demands, that ordinary people are stopped from using cheap energy, driving cars, and reaping the benefits of fossil fuels, Packham does all those things: He drives a gas-guzzling car, lives in a million pound country house, and dresses head to foot in manmade fibres.

Head to foot in Manmade fibres.

Chris Packham is often seen on television wearing a bright green puffer jacket with matching fleece. The premium jacket, by Mountain Equipment, comes with a premium price-tag of over £450 and is made entirely from Polyester. Polyester (polyethylene terephthalate) is derived from a chemical reaction involving petroleum, air, and water. Synthetic insulation is also made from polyester, either raw or recycled. It's engineered to mimic down's lofty tendril structure trap warm air for insulation. Still, perhaps the bright green colour is made from natural sauces(?) No, that too comes from Fossil fuels: Synthetic dyes and agricultural chemicals start with Aniline a chemical extracted from coal tar.

Luxury House in the country.

Whilst Chris Packham expects you to give up your creature comforts to 'save the planet' he lives in a multi million pound house in the country. The 16th century farmhouse in Hampshire comes complete with thatched roof, six bedrooms and several acres of land and lays behind large wooden gates to keep out the riff raff. It is reportedly worth £2.2 million and has period features as well as modern additions. It, of course, has full central heating but no solar-panels or heat-pumps to spoil the aesthetics of the beautiful period house.

Packham successfully campaigned to stop 200 new houses being built on the edge of his village because they would 'spoil the natural habitat'.

Chris Packham criticised Jeremy Clarkson for buying a 'gas guzzling' Range Rover calling him a buffoon for doing so. But what Packham failed to mention is that is car of choice was also a gas-guzzling 4x4 from Land Rover.

In 2021 Packham went on television to tell how his car had been set on fire outside his house by 'masked men'. So eager was Packham to 'play the victim' he stood in front of the car, now burnt out, a Land Rover Discovery v6 TD SE. Auto Trader described the 'gas guzzler' saying The 3.0-litre Td6 turbocharged V6 diesel engine delivers effortless performance thanks to 254 horsepower and a low-end torque output of 440 lb-ft. Peak torque arrives at 1,750rpm in the Td6 while the gasoline V6 produces its 332 lb-ft at 3,500 rpm.  198 g/km CO2 emissions.

What a fraud.

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