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UAE Was CLOUD-SEEDING Just Hours Before 'Apocalyptic' Flooding

It has been confirmed that the United Arab Emirates WERE running cloud-seeding flights in the days just prior to record floods.

Flight-tracking data shows one aircraft affiliated with the UAE's cloud-seeding programme flying across the country in a set-pattern in the days leading up to the flooding.

Contrary to what is being reported in the mainstream media, The United Arab Emirates allegedly relies on the cloud-seeding technology, which is the controversial technique of spraying tiny particles of silver iodide into the atmosphere said to speed-up condensation and cause rainfall.

Ahmed Habib, a meteorologist at the UAE's National Centre for Meteorology (NCM) confirmed that cloud-seeding planes were flown in the days before the "apocalyptic" rainfall event and that the plans were flown for cloud-seeding on both Sunday and Monday.

However, the agency denied that any such flights took place on the day of the storm itself.

Yesterday reportedly saw the worst flooding on record with authorities being unable to cope with the event. The day reportedly saw heavy rain and flash floods sweep across the Gulf, particularly in Oman - compared to the 3.4 inches of rain a year which usually pours down on Dubai. Incredible videos surfaced online which some on social media likened to a catastrophe movie.

The MSM have reportedly allowed commentators to claim the floods were the result of 'climate change' with the assumption not being challenged, and it is likely that this flood will be cited as another example of it even though the evidence points elsewhere.

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