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Bogus Indictment Gives Trump Power To Re-Litigate 2020 Election Fraud Says Trump Lawyer

Revelation could result in a major backfire for the Biden regime.

Donald Trump’s lawyer revealed that special counsel Jack Smith’s latest indictment will allow the former president to re-litigate the fraud of the 2020 election through discovery.

Trump attorney John Lauro explained on Fox News that Trump’s decision to contest the 2020 election was not only constitutional, but he was also duty-bound to do so as President of the United States.

“What Mr. Trump did was exactly constitutionally precise and in order. There was nothing illegal about that. And he was required to take steps as President of the United States to ensure that that election was held in a valid way,” Lauro said. “All that now is being criminalized.”

“In 2020, Mr. Trump’s campaign had a few weeks to gear up and present evidence, and so it was very difficult,” Lauro explained.

" We now have the ability in this case to issue our own subpoenas. And we will re-litigate every single issue in the 2020 election in the context of this litigation.” “It gives President Trump an opportunity that he has never had before, which is to have subpoena power since January 6 in a way that can be exercised in federal court,” he added.

This revelation could result in a major backfire for the Biden regime and Democrats.

If Trump’s legal team is able to present in court evidence of fraud and other constitutional violations of the 2020 election that were previously rejected by the courts, the American people may finally be able to see what happened in the battleground states of Michigan, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Wisconsin, Arizona and Nevada.

Nobody from the left has been able to explain any of the discrepancies in counting, from hundreds of thousands of extra votes that mysteriously appeared after 1 in the morning; or why there were thousands of Trump votes found dumped in skips behind counting stations; or how thousands of dead people voted in the 2020 election, all for Biden; or why Republican lawyers were prevented from watching supposedly independent counts; or that Joe Biden; without any real campaigning managed to pull 80 million more votes than even Barack Obama did when he won the White House.


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