PROOF of Massive Electoral Fraud Erased by Big Tech

Imagine, for a moment, that it was the Trump campaign perpetrating fraud. Even if there had been just a hint of it the mainstream media would have been all over the story. They'd have broken into regular programming to tell us what they'd found, they'd have put all of the videos from social media on an endless loop whilst their 'experts' analysed them to death. And, at no point in all of it, would they have questioned their authenticity. For them it would have just confirmed what they thought all along; that Donald Trump was a crook.

Those who have spent the last 4 years convinced that there was interference by Russia in the 2016 election are the same people now saying there is no way this election could have been rigged. The hypocrisy is astonishing.

Court orders were obtained for many counties where Democrat supporters were controlling the proceedings, but even after Judges issued them, Republican lawyers were prevented from witnessing the count.

Dominion, the biggest provider of election counting apparatus in the US, have been found to have had 'glitches' in their software that counted thousands of Trump ballots for Joe Biden.

Detroit reported that 4,788 votes were duplicates; whilst there were 32,519 MORE votes cast than voters in the city, and over 2500 dead people that had also voted (one born in 1823).

In Wisconsin, it was reported that the turnout was 89.6% when voter turnout in every other election is normally nowhere near that figure.

In another video that has been erased from Social Media, thousands of ballots, all for Donald Trump, where found in a dumpster behind the counting centre.

In another, tens of thousands of mail ballots were sent out with the vote already filled in for Joe Biden.

In yet another a woman is caught in the basement of one counting centre with stacks of ballots, when confronted she refuses to explain what she's doing, clearly flustered at being caught.