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BBC Trolls Andrew Bridgen During Vaccine Harms Debate

MP's words replaced by pharma-approved propaganda.

The first debate on excess deaths in UK's Parliament saw the BBC trolling the MP who brought it. Trolling an MP in a way that has never been done to another member of parliament, on any debate, in the entire history of Parliamentary broadcasts.

Matt Le Tissier spotted the BBC were actively trolling Bridgen when he pressed the red button. Posting on X Le Tissier said: "Wow, during @ABridgen speech in Parliament today on excess deaths, these are the overlays that were put at the bottom of his live speech on the BBC."

You can clearly see where the BBC's loyalties lie; with their biggest single funder Bill Gates.

Predictably, Andrew Bridgen spoke to an ali but empty house, but those crammed into the public gallery could not be silenced and were heard cheering as the MP made his opening salvo.

Afterwards Andrew Bridgen MP spoke to the crowd outside.



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