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ZERO Covid Found In Student Populations, Proving 'Not to Blame' For Spike

The finger-pointers prove to be wrong again - but then they're not even remotely looking in the right place for covid culprits.

We've all seen them, the nasty little busybodies who would have made such good concentration camp guards, posting all over social media how anyone not "following zee orders" were responsible for lockdowns being extended with students being top of their hate-list.

But universities have undertaken mass testing of all their students, and even with the "everything is Covid" PCR tests they couldn't find anything. In Cambridge this week they found ZERO covid. in Nottingham, a university that put their students under house arrest, complete with a border fence and guards patrolling to stop escapees there was no covid found. Of course, this tiny FACT went unreported by most of the media who were more than happy to also blame students when there was no evidence.

The mass Covid testing of students before Christmas has so far found virtually no covid at all, in any major university. Portsmouth, that came in for a huge amount of stick actually found 0.2% testing positive with the vice-chancellor Graham Galbraith criticising a "blame culture" in which students had been accused of spreading infections. in reality, numbers were far lower than the general population. Edge Hill University in Lancashire also found zero positive cases in its end-of-term testing. Whilst Cambridge university had a 99.5% negative result and which mainstream media decided not to publish, and which social media labelled 'misleading' presumably as it would have lead people to realising that the whole thing is hysterical bollocks and there is no pandemic.

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