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Teachers Taking the P*ss Again Claiming They're 'Stressed' and Need 'A Proper Break'

In an article guaranteed to annoy everyone who has lost their job this year, the Daily Mail reports that schools have been allowed to have December 18th off so their 'stressed' teachers get a 'proper break' - after unions called for last two days of term to be 'work from home' so staff can spend Christmas with Granny without worrying about Covid.

Yes, really.

Schools will be allowed to take an inset day on the last Friday of term so 'stressed' teachers can have a 'proper break' from identifying potential coronavirus cases ahead of Christmas, a minister said today. Even though you could virtually count the number of proper teaching days on the fingers of one hand this year, the delicate little flowers who indoctrinate our children in critical race theory and the evils of capitalism have announced that they are 'stressed' (oh diddums) and need an extra few days over and above the piss-take that they normally have at Christmas.

Schools Minister Nick Gibb thinks teachers are'stressed'

Schools Standards Minister and professional dickhead Nick Gibb said the Government wants there to be a 'clear six days' ahead of Christmas Eve so teachers and heads do not have to 'engage with track and trace issues' throughout the festive break. It comes after a headteachers' union said: "giving schools the flexibility to switch to remote learning for the final few days of term next week is an obvious and straightforward solution".

But Chris McGovern, chairman for the Campaign for Real Education, today insisted the Government should be "protecting the best interests of those millions of children and parents who need schools to remain open." Now come on Chris, be reasonable, many teachers made a half-arsed attempt at teaching via Zoom for a week in April before abandoning the idea because it was too much like hard work. We all know how stressful telling people they're on mute can be, surely they deserve one extra day at home over and above the 219 they have already had, where's your compassion?

Bob Blackman MP quickly abandoned any logic and chipped in with: 'The key issue is that we do need that break between schools closing and the amnesty for Christmas, just to make sure they don't end up suffering from the virus. They can of course spread it.'

Also 'phoning it in' Mr Gibb announced to a virtual Education Select Committee today: 'We are about to announce that inset days can be used on Friday December 18, even if an inset day had not been originally scheduled for that day.' so that's alright then.

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