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Will a New £120 'Choice Tax' on Gas Boilers FINALLY fix the Climate?

If not, exactly how much WILL it cost?

Britons who thought that Rishi Sunak's promise to scrap a ban on Gas Boilers was an honest one are in for a nasty shock when they go to replace theirs. The Government have secretly decided that they will simply offer the illusion of 'choice' but tax boilers out of existance by 2030. A new "choice tax" will be imposed on gas boiler manufactuers said to be a way of "offsetting the cost of heat pumps." Manufacturers have confirmed they will pass on that tax by hiking their prices up still further as a result of the Government's net zero plans.

What does this all mean?

As heat pumps remain prohibitively expensive, costing between 3 and 5 times the price of a gas boiler, the goverment are forcing manufacturers to artificially hype the price of them to make heat pumps look less expensive. Heat pumps won't be getting any cheaper, just gas boilers becoming more expensive. The Goverment plan to impose increasinly hirer taxes on traditional gas boilers to force people into buying a heat pump, whilst appearing to still off 'free choice'.

The UK Government wants 600,000 heat pumps a year to be installed in the next 3 years and are demanding that manufacturers fix their prices to achieve the target. Companies which fail to meet mandated quotas from the Department for Energy Security and Net Zero will themselves be fined. "The government are manipulating the market to make it look like the customer has free-choice. That choice being a heat-pump or freeze to death." said Matt Fisher, an energy market analyst.

Between direct and indirect 'green' taxes the average UK household now pays over £1.5K according to indipendent experts such as Net Zero Watch. This is set to increase year on year until 2030 when there is said to be a more 'significant step change' coming.

The UK now pays over £33 Billion extra in Green taxes every year and yet the climate has not changed even a single point. Green Taxes began creeping in over a decade ago with the average UK household already estimated to have paid over £15,500 'fixing' the planet. So far however, it has not been shown that this money has made a difference. In fact, the government have failed to provide a single piece of evidence that higher taxes can anything, least of all the weather.

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