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Why ZERO COVID is The Only Thing That Will Satisfy These Lockdown FANATICS

And why we'll never reach it.

In the space of a year we have gone from "Wash your Hands" to a UK Fire Sale where everything must go.

No amount of cancer deaths, job losses, suicides, business closures, home repossessions or children’s education is comparable to 'saving the NHS'. When a question about the cost of lockdown was raised at today's Covid Briefing Boris Johnson said "of course we take it into consideration.. but we have to get infection rates down". Though out of shot at that moment, you can be sure his two Soothsayers were mouthing those words in the hope that he'd say what they'd instructed him to. In case you weren't quite clear on the answer it means; EVERYTHING can, and must, be sacrificed on the altar of the NHS.

Between "wash your hands" and the UK's Fire Sale we’ve been repeatedly lied to about the Pandemic. It is a known fact by Investigating Police officers that a lier will keep changing their story, and it is the discrepancies between those stories that often incriminates the guilty. Remember, the story for Lockdowns have repeatedly changed. In March it was “to flatten the Curve”; in April “to save the NHS”; In May “to get the R-Number below 1” ; in June “to keep the R Number Below 1”; in July it was “to save granny” ; in August it was "to get the R-Number below 1 again” ; in September it was “Until a vaccine arrives”; in October “to make sure the NHS isn’t overwhelmed” in November “to save Christmas” and in December “to save the NHS” (again) and now it’s because of a “super mutated variant”.

And whilst the reasons for Lockdowns kept changing, achieving the goals never brought an end to them. The Government chose to Gas-Light the British public (no doubt by Government's Behavioral Insights Team whose job it is to devise the psychological strategies to manipulate us with) trying to make us all believe that we misremembered, or misunderstood. But let’s be clear; we DID 'flatten the Curve'; we DID 'save the NHS' in April; we DID 'get the R-Number Below 1', and back below 1, and we DID Lockdown in November to ‘save Christmas’.

These are not dispassionate and objective observers of “the science”, because science, properly done, doesn't need such shenanigans. Whitty, Valance and Ferguson are people trapped in the addiction of authoritarianism. These are typical beta males who, anthropologically, would never wield any power over others. Suddenly, through a series of unprecedented events, they find themselves with enormous amounts of power and influence. The self-deception of the newly powerful nerd is a huge driver of that pathology. And when you acquire the habit of lying to yourself you end up not being able to spot when you look ridiculous to other people. Put simply, they're getting off on it, and they're not stopping any time soon.

How else would you explain the perplexing refusal of these weasels to even take seriously any opposing view? When Michael Yeadon points to the fragility of the SAGE assumption that ‘everyone’ is vulnerable to C-19, he is ignored. When Sunetra Gupta raises questions concerning the infection mortality rate, she is traduced. When Carl Heneghan urges scepticism about the timing and efficacy of ‘lockdown’ he is derided by our Health Secretary as an “outlier”. They are enamored by their own 'brilliance', and, what's the betting that they're nursing a semi behind those lecterns. 'Hands / Space / Face' - and a chubby.

Today's briefing followed the same pattern as all the others, Slides of manipulated graphs, sloganeering, staged questions, and, crucially, the seed-planting of the next 'phase' of their plans. This came in the form of repeating they'd found a new-new variant, which they 'hoped' would not be resistant to the vaccine, as well as the inevitable, back-peddling on what they'd said at the last briefing. It is looking increasingly like this will be the 'story' that will be used by Whitty and Vallance when we get to spring. They will suddenly produce new data showing the new-new variant is resistant to the vaccines, so, what do you know, the population isn't covered.

When we achieved all the outcomes that were previously demanded by these fanatics surely that should have been an end to it. but it never is, they just want more and more. nothing will satisfy them because they're not impartial scientists, they're fanatics (in the pay of pharmaceutical companies lets not forget). Notice there is still no exit plan from all this. Nothing. They simply go from day to day desperately trying to hold on to the power they've acquired. They know that, by keeping it vague they can keep this going indefinitely.

The media circulated the idea that, once we had vaccinated all the over 70s that lockdowns could end as that accounted for the vast majority of the those 'at risk'. As soon as this idea was floated, stories about the new strain affecting younger people started being 'leaked' to the press. notice how every clinician interviewed now has to say "and this time we're seeing much younger people with Covid" almost as if they've been prompted to say it. It's especially odd when the interviewer hasn't asked anything about age of patients, but the doctor or nurse feels the necessary to offer up the information anyway, like they're trying to prove a point, or been prompted to say it.

It appears now that the only thing that will satisfy these fanatics is Zero Covid, and that will never happen. They certainly will never see it when their tests show everything as a Covid infection, and when they think anyone dying of anything must be really caused by Covid. Between their almost religious devotion to Covid and their delight in having power over everyone they're not ending lockdowns any time soon.

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