Why Brits Should BOYCOTT Shops that Insist on Masks After 'Freedom Day'

After Freedom Day, shops still operating medical fascism should be boycotted, and those that value their customers freedom, patronised instead.

Boris Johnson announced that, after the 19th of July masks will not be mandated by law and you'd think that would be an end of it, but masks will still be enforced in many of the shops on our high street as the rules just shift from Government to local authorities Health and Safety departments, and businesses setting their own rules.

Firstly, let's dispel the mask-myth. The experts have been fostering the idea that Masks stop the spread of a virus. This may be the case for those who have a virus, but as Asymptomatic cases are a myth, made up last year to fit the data models, healthy people wearing them is stopping nothing but common sense. Look past the rhetoric and factoids and you will find that there is not a single study, anywhere in the world, that has found masks stop the spread of Covid-19. If you don't believe me search for it yourself, though you'll be wasting your time as it simply doesn't exist. Government advisory group SAGE, whilst publically saying they do work, secretly wrote in a report to the Government that they didn't, that their effect was negligible and they were probably no more than 6% to 15% effective, and that, remember, is for someone who actually is ill, coughing and sneezing, not healthy people who aren't spreading any virus because they're not ill.

Convincing healthy people they are ill has been a perfectly acceptable practice for those in SAGE, yet when a woman convinced her own daughter she had cancer to get thousands from fundraising, she was prosecuted and labelled 'despicable' by the media.

SAGE twisted it into a 'moral' issue and not a scientific one. They talked about how it was your moral duty to wear a mask, but even worse, put the emphasis on those not wearing them, suggesting that these people were being reckless with other's health, and that they were definitely putting lives at risk. They are still pushing this narrative, only yesterday Professor David McGrogan a psychologist for SAGE said "“it is frightening to have a ‘Health’ [sic] Secretary who wants to make all protections a matter of personal choice when the message of the pandemic is ‘this isn’t an ‘I’ thing, it’s a ‘we’ thing. Your behaviour affects my health. Get your head around the ‘we’ concept." That's not science, that's just Marxism,

but when you have Psychologists, lead by a known Communist, dictating rules then that's always going to be the result. Maybe we should have a virologist advising us on the spread of a virus, not a bunch of commies, just a thought.

Mitchie refuses to answer any questions on whether her Communist ideology was behind the Mask wearing diktat

Millions of people believe the lie of 'Asymptomatic transmission', and according to polls, will continue to wear masks to feel safe, whilst millions more will do so to virtue signal. That is entirely up to them of course, if they choose to wear a face mask as a matter of faith, then they can crack on. But for normal people, like you and me, who are not closet Marxists or scared of their own shadow, the end of face