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What Really Happened in Dublin

MSM Cover-up.

Shortly after 1.40pm on Thursday November 23rd , Gardaí (Irish police) were called to a serious incident near Parnell Square East, Dublin where a man had reportedly attempted to murder several children from the nearby primary school.

The man had stabbed four children and one adult wounding all of them, with one little girl on the critical list currently fighting for her life.

Journalists who had been covering an inquest case in the coroners court opposite ran to the scene after someone rushed into the courtroom shouting "someone was after stabbing kids out there”.

Kitty Holland of the Irish Times states: "there were already four or five ambulances, several Dublin Fire Brigade appliances manned by paramedics and several Garda cars, as sirens blared as more arrived." Going on to say: "Across the road on the pavement outside Delfin English language school, a man in his 50s lay with blood around his face and chest as paramedics tended to him."

"Further up towards North Frederick Street, more paramedics were working on a little girl, also lying on the pavement just a little way up from Gaelscoil Choláiste Mhuire primary school."

"She appeared to be about five or six years old. A small pink backpack lay on the ground beside the scene. Her small pink or purple shoes were visible as she was lifted on to a stretcher and into an ambulance."

Eye witness Siobhán Kearney said she heard “screaming” and spotted a guy with a stabbing motion across the road”. “So I took across the road and there was fellas there and they pulled the guy off the children. There was a good few kids.” The children were “between the ages of four, five and six, no older” and were “only just after finishing school”.

"You could see the stabbing movements. It was frenzied. Someone passed me a little girl. She was hysterical...I passed her into the school. They said a girl had been stabbed.”

Ms Kearney had not seen how seriously injured the little girl was. “I just seen the blood,” she said.

She said emergency services arrived within minutes. An ambulance attended to the children and the injured girl first, with a second, along with fire appliances manned by DFB paramedics on the scene afterward.

A man on a bike or moped took the knife from the man, she continued. “The fellah got the knife. He cut his hand – he threw it across the grass.”

The knife was described as “long” and “about ten inches”, by Ms Kearney. She said the second man tossed the knife to a grass patch under trees, across the road by the Rotunda hospital. She pointed this out to gardaí who removed it from the scene.

It was reported that the rampage was carried out by an Algerian Immigrant man, in his 40s, who had been in the country since 2004.

At the news the MSM began reforming the story, firstly they said the Algerian migrant was 'an Irish citizen', and that there had been 'a lot of misinformation spread online'. Dubliners who later took to the streets to protest about the stabbing of children were called 'far right extremists'.

Yes, that's right, you're now a 'far-right extrrmist' if you don't like children being randomly stabbed by migrants.

The MSM have also run the typical disinformation propaganda claiming that the man was 'an Irish citizen' and there appeared to be 'no obvious motive' for the crime. The Gardia earlier said they were 'keeping an open mind' as to the motive, updating that statement this evening by saying they have 'ruled out a terrorist motive. There will likely be a tag of 'mental illness' attributed to the incident within days.

Twitter users are betting on how quickly the story will be buried as the assailant was really an Islamic Migrant attempting to murder western children in a show of 'Diversity Strength'.

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