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Washington: Hillary Clinton Preparing to Run in 2024

Dead but won't lie down. Reports from Washington DC claim that Hillary Clinton is preparing to run in 2024.

A former advisor to the Clinton camp says that Joe Biden will be forced to step aside and be replaced by Hillary who is ready in the wings.

The prediction was made by Dick Morris, who ran Bill Clinton’s successful re-election campaign in 1996 and was once touted as Clinton’s most influential advisor. According to Morris, the Democratic establishment "knows that Biden can’t run again in 2024” due to his “quickly declining mental abilities” and the economic disaster he had presided over. This confirms what many suspected all along, that Biden was merely a puppet for others in the Democratic party.

Morris says that Biden will eventually cave to extreme pressure not to run, but that he won’t be replaced by Kamala Harris, who would get trounced by Trump. But Morris also predicts that a “black candidate” will emerge, along with Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, who will likely “wreak havoc” because the party is now dominated by far-left agitators. “As leftist candidates emerge as front-runners in the Democratic primary, pressure will grow on Hillary Clinton to enter the race,” writes Morris.

“Much like Biden’s surprise entrance in 2020, Democrats will see her as their savior, an experienced politician able to bridge the left and more moderate wings of the party.”

Morris says Hillary’s recent media interviews and her cronies touting her as Biden’s replacement are clear signs she is set to run again in 2024. Others will undoubtedly express skepticism about the Democrats supporting another Hillary candidacy, given that she has already failed twice.

Were she to get into the Oval Office that would be the very location where an intern was noshing on her husbands penis of course, although she reportedly didn't swallow as her Gap dress was somewhat crispy with the President's jizz afterwards. Hillary will no doubt be reminded of that every time she sits at the Resolute Desk.

But of course there is one thing standing between her and the Presidency; one Donald Trump who will definately be running in 2024, for him it's very much "unfinished business".


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