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When Trump Warned Germany Not to Rely on Russian Gas They Laughed at Him. They're Not Laughing Now

United Nations speech met with laughter and derision, but once again Trump has been proved right.

Germany thought it was a good idea to become reliant on Russian Gas for their energy needs, even though every sane person on the planet could see it was utter madness. Now Putin is threatening to turn off oil and gas supplies to Europe, plunging it into darkness and crippling its economy.

Trump, in a landmark speech at the UN in 2015 warned Germany of the consequences they are now facing saying:

"Germany will become totally dependant on Russian energy if it does not immediately change course... Reliance on a single foreign power can leave a nation vulnerable to extortion and intimidation.."

The German delegation are seen actively laughing during Trump's speech. They're not laughing now. As Putin threatens to turn off the oil and gas to Germany, the mainstream media can't bring themselves to admit that, once again, Trump was right.

As time goes by, the 2015 speech Trump made at the United Nations is proving to be one of the greatest political speeches of all time. Watch it in full:

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