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The HoC can indeed be likened to a sinking ship, judging by the amount of rats that have scurried away from the possibility of hearing the truth about their complicity in the greatest crime ever perpetuated on, not just the British public but the whole world!

I counted 16 MPs in that chamber of shame. That's more or less 2.5% out of the total of 650!

Every voter should demand to know whether their sitting MP attended this debate, or have a bloody good reason why they didn't.

The Deputy Speaker should also remember, It's called the House of Commons because it's where the commons,IE. the general public are allegedly represented by their MP. It's a place for the public…


Hope all these traitors who didn't attend on this day get voted out of their jobs.

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Most of them deserve a much worse fate than being unemployed! One that makes good use of some timber and a piece of rope springs to mind. Failing that, a good sharp blade would do nicely😁

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