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UK Government Ignores Omicron Science to Bring in Covid Passports and Mandatory Jabs for NHS Staff

The evidence is that South Africa’s Omicron Outbreak is already "Running Out of Steam."

Evidence coming out of South Africa reveals that the Omicron outbreak of COVID-19 is already “running out of steam,” and according to experts there, “the world has nothing to fear.” and yet the UK government have today, used Omicron as justification to bring in vaccine passports and Mandatory vaccinations for NHS staff.

In a series of Commons votes, MPs have backed the government's Plan B measures supposedly aimed at tackling the Omicron variant. MPs voted to approve changing the rules on mask wearing and self-isolation - the system is replaced by daily lateral flow tests and the introduction of Covid passes for large venues past by 369 votes to 126. Organised opposition provided nearly 100 Conservative MPs to vote against the bill, safe in the knowledge that the bill would still be passed.

The measures were specifically said to be needed to beat the Omicron variant, even though cases of the variant are known to be "mild or Asymptomatic".

Now data out of South Africa has confirmed what earlier reports were indicating, that the Omicron variant isn't harmful. However, the data is being totally ignored by all 4 Chief Science Officers around the UK.

“Cases in the province of Gauteng – which had surging infections from November – appear to be levelling off, while seven-day infections in Tshwane, one of the early epicentres, are now “relatively flat,” states a report written by the Telegraph’s science editor.

“Case growth is steeper than last week but still has slowed down versus November,” said Louis Rossouw, of the Covid-19 Actuaries Response Group. Data also shows that the percentage of people who die from a COVID infection has dropped significantly since the arrival of Omicron.

“Omicron is extremely mild. The rest of the world has nothing to fear,” said the doctor who first discovered the variant. the South African doctor, Dr Angelique Coetzee, says “Britain is overreacting” by imposing more draconian restrictions and that the panic “is out of all proportion to the risks posed by this variant.” going on to say lockdowns to stop the spread of the variant will harm the opportunity that Omicron provides to reach “herd immunity.”

Authorities in the UK have also refused to reveal any further information behind what is said to be 'the world’s first Omicron death', leading many to conclude that the report is bogus like the virus itself.

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