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U.S. On Brink of ‘Mass Civil Unrest’ Says Expert

An expert with the United States Studies Centre warns that America is on the brink of “mass civil unrest” that threatens to emerge from the anti-lockdown protests now taking place across the country.

Speaking to Sky News Australia, James Brown, a former Australian Army officer who commanded a Cavalry Troop in southern Iraq, said that the very ‘specific mentality of Americans made them much more likely to rebel against lockdown measures compared to citizens of other countries.’

Demonstrations against draconian coronavirus Lockdowns have exploded across the country over the last week with President Trump encouraged them on social media.

"There is that part of the US political psyche that takes rights to a complete extreme,” said Brown, adding that “mass civil unrest is an ever-present possibility due to Americans sharing a “deep independent streak that believes the government is a nice-to-have not a must-have.”

Brown said he had friends on Capitol Hill who were very worried about mass social disorder and a “gun battle on the streets.”

The National Guard have been called out in some areas to deal with potential disorders with many cities right across the U.S. like powder-kegs, ready to blow.

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