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TWO TIER POLICING: Tommy Robinson Arrested Whilst HAMAS LEADER Roams Free

Sadiq Khan has made sure London is 'owned' by Islam.

Tens of thousands of people have attended the March Against Antisemitism in Central London today.

The march, organised by Campaign Against Antisemitism with the support of numerous Jewish communal groups and non-Jewish organisations, began at the Royal Courts of Justice on the Strand before passing along Whitehall and ending at Parliament Square, where addresses by the Chief Rabbi, Home Office Minister of State Robert Jenrick and other high profile public figures were expected. Early estimates from police said around 100,000 people were packed into the tight streets of Central London.

In contrast to what we have seen for the last seven weekends in a row there were no calls of murder, despite the provocation, with the anti-semitism march being entirely peaceful.

The police, however, had other ideas, swooping in to arrest Tommy Robinson due to what they described as his presence being "likely to cause alarm and distress".

June Slater was among many worried at the sinister attack on free speech.

Whilst author and journalist Douglas Murray pointed out shocking two tier policing

Yesterday, a march was held in London by pro-Palestinians. The march again called for the murder of Jews, featured a diatribe of anti-semitic hate-speech, racist chants and saw vandalism and dececration of British monuments. It was reported that the march was again attended by Muhammad Qassem Sawalha, the HAMAS leader who reportedly helped orchistrate the October the 7th attacks. Sawalha has attended every one of the hate marches in London according to sources close to him.

The police know who he is, where he lives, and what he's done, yet he continues to be very much a free man.

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That slimy terrorist bastard Sawalha should be deported or rotting in a dungeon somewhere instead of Tommy Robinson getting arrested for fuck all. PS. tThere's a problem with the page from June Slaters X video on down. The text and videos are jumping around all over the place.

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