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72 Senators and 302 members of the House of Representatives cashed a cheque from the pharmaceutical industry in 2020 ahead of the Covid Vaccine rollout.

It was supposed to be the biggest plague since the Black Death, the entire world was shut down to 'save lives', our only hope of survival a miracle cure that big pharma was making for us. Then, and only then, might we all survive.

At least that was the narrative. So why were over two-thirds of politicians in Congress paid-off by those pharmaceutical companies? Surely, were people dying of a killer plague then the public would have willingly taken the cure, they'd have beaten down the door to those pharmaceutical companies. There would have been no need for any 'extra incentives', and definitely no need for bribery.

Bribery and Corruption

But bribe them they did. Politicians from both political parties took the money too. 198 Democrats and 214 Republicans split $13 million dollars between them in the months prior to the Vaccine launch. The same politicians then went on national television to tell the public to take the vaccine, and that it was definitely "safe and effective".

One such Senator was Mitt Romney who was regularly seen on tv calling for sanctions against those who were unvaccinated. Romney suggested that the unvaccinated were all 'conspiracy theorists' and should have their civil liberties taken away because of it. Their freedom, Romney stated, was putting his health at risk.

In 2022 Romney chaired a Senate hearing where he again made false claims about the vaccine, whilst vilifying those who had still not taken it. However, Romney failed to disclose that he had been paid by the very Pharmaceutical companies making the vaccines.

Unvaccinated came under attack from Mitt Romney after he received $50K in 2020.

A Vision News investigation reveals that Romney received nearly $50,000 from Big Pharma in 2020 alone, including $7,500 from Pfizer. Soon after the money was paid Romney went on national television to attack those who had not taken the vaccine.

Romney, Mitt, ROffice sought: UTS1Total amount received: $49,000

AbbVie: $5,000.00

Amgen: $3,500.00

AstraZeneca: $1,500.00

BIO: $1,000.00

Bristol Myers Squibb: $5,000.00

Eli Lilly: $5,000.00

Gilead Sciences: $1,000.00

Johnson & Johnson: $5,000.00

Merck: $5,000.00

Novartis: $2,000.00

Novo Nordisk: $5,000.00

Pfizer: $7,500.00

Roche/Genentech: $2,500.00

Romney was by no means alone, over two-thirds of Congress was bought-off by vaccine manufacturers.

PFIZER had a dedicated 'Bribery Department' whose job it was to buy-off politicians.

Pfizer had an entire department dedicated to bribing politicians. The department is called: The Political Action Committee, and in 2020 alone 'contributed' funds to 228 political campaigns. Amgen’s PAC, another drugs company, funnelled money to nearly as many (218), meaning that each company helped to fund the campaigns of nearly half of all lawmakers on Capitol Hill. Overall, the pharmaceutical sector donated $14 million to US lawmakers in 2020 alone. And what do you know? Those same politicians then manipulated the public into taking multiple doses of a drug those pharmaceutical companies had pre-prepared.

Pfizer, which played arguably the biggest role in 2020s plandemic, paid roughly $1 million to members of Congress in just eight months.   Pfizer also 'bought off' 1,048 individual candidates in state legislative races. In many cases they gave money to both candidates, ensuring that whoever won, they still had influence over them. According to researchers not a single politician refused the money.

The top recipient of drug industry cash was Rep. Richard Hudson, a Republican from North Carolina. Major drug industry groups donated $139,500 to his most recent campaign, a sum remarkable in large part because Hudson is not a particularly powerful lawmaker, nor a known fundraiser. Hudson sits on the Energy and Commerce Health committee, an influential panel that oversees a large share of health care legislation before Congress.

Follow the Money

A interactive map on STATS shows millions of dollars flowing from Pharmaceutical companies to Politicians up and down the country. The sheer size and depth is staggering. Even many of those politicians who claimed to be against the mandates received payments.

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I wonder how much the UKs slimy bastrds AKA politicians got paid?

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