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TV Doctor Received £22,500 from AstraZeneca After Saying Their 'Clot shot' Was Safe

GP and television Doctor Ranji Singh has been exposed for being paid over £22,000 after going on national television to say that the Covid Vaccine was safe.

Dr Ranji had already come under fire from some on social media after AstraZeneca had admitted in a UK Court that their Covid-19 Vaccine (Covishield) WAS responsible for deaths and serious injuries due to blood clotting after all.

Singh was already feeling the heat and had deleted his X account rather than face the music.

Now an eagle-eyed social media user has spotted that Dr Ranji had received £22,500 from AstraZeneca for what was said to be Consulting and Contract Service Fees.

X account Artemis posted the findings saying:

PROPAGANDA - This is Dr Ranj Singh & this is proof of his payment from Astra Zeneca.

He's deleted his account, saying people were mean to him, but he really deleted it so no one would post the evidence!

Too late, I found it! Astra Zeneca paid him £22,500 for services!


They added: Check on the database yourself if you don't believe me.

In 2021, in response to the "Fake news" stories circulating on social media that the vaccine was causing deaths and serious injuries Dr Ranj Singh and his colleagues created a video stating that the vaccine was 'safe'.

Vindication of the Conspiracy Theorists

Those that attempted to raise the alarm about the deadly vaccine at the time have since been totally vindicated in recent weeks: AstraZeneca have now admitted, in a court of law that their vaccine WAS killing and maiming its customers. So dangerous is the that vaccine the company have stopped selling it and removed the product from every country on earth. Although the company put out a statement that the product's withdrawal was for 'Commercial Reasons' the company reportedly fear the backlash and class action lawsuits that are surely to follow.

OFCOM are reportedly receiving hundreds of complaints about Dr Ranji as the doctor has clearly broken ofcom rules, He should have made it clear to viewers that he had a financial interest in the drugs company which he never did at any time.

Others want criminal prosecutions for Ranji whose promotion of this drug could have directly lead to dozens of deaths and serious injuries.

Dr Ranji, unsurprisingly, has been unavailable for comment.



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