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Trump Feared Being Infected With Covid On Purpose by Journalists aboard Airforce One

In March, during the early days of Coronavirus, Vanity Fair reported that Donald Trump had told aides he was concerned journalists would purposefully contract COVID-19 in an attempt to infect him on Air Force One.

In the article titled: Trump, Germaphobe in Chief, Struggles to Control the Covid-19 Story it was also reported that Trump had wanted the Justice Department to 'open an investigation of the media for market manipulation' and their reporting of the Coronavirus.

Now, with Trump testing positive for Covid-19, many in the media can hardly contain their pleasure, some even using the word 'Karma' in describing the story.

If Donald Trump becomes unable to perform his presidential duties, Vice President Mike Pence would assume command. Were Pence to also become incapacitated the role would fall to Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi, a Democrat who has been one of Trump's biggest critics since he took office. Pelosi, an opportunistic politician who has stood in the way of everything Trump has attempted to implement, including Trump's $2 Trillion Covid 'Bailout' deal, would, no doubt, take the opportunity to undo many of the things Trump has implemented once she gained the role as de-facto Commander in Chief.

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