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Treated Like Royalty, Why Wouldn't You Come?

Facebook video shows level of luxury illegal immigrants are lavished with after arriving in Britain.

The migrant crisis has increased tenfold this year as criminal gangs orchestrating the channel-crossings have told migrants that Britain's exit from the EU means they will be denied entry and benefits after the transition period has ended. It has also emerged that, despite the £44 million extra Britain gave France to help deal with the crisis, French navy vessels are effectively 'escorting' the dinghies into British waters where they become Britain's problem.

It was Nigel Farage who brought the crisis to the public's attention earlier this year. Since his first video, which the authorities tried to suppress as our article details, the situation has become worse.

Now a video has emerged online showing what is really happening in this crisis. In the video Steve Bater, with the help of others, manages to gain entry to a luxury hotel in Bromsgrove that is booked-out entirely for illegal immigrants, most of whom have arrived via the channel on small boats.

Steve Bater is heard in the video asking the occupants where they are from, how they like the hotel, and what they are there for. One cannot contain his joy as he is seen in a luxurious, £100 a night, hotel room whilst another says he is "Waiting for a house".

Migrant 'loving his free room'
Migrant 'waiting for a house'

The 8 minute video shows that most occupants are either from Eritrea, Iran or Iraq and appear healthy, nicely dressed and sporting the latest mobile phones.

But luxury hotels and Spa's is not the end of the story, because Vision News Online has discovered that many of the illegal migrants have also been lavished with other luxuries including a private visit to Anfield football ground. A charity called A Heart 4 Refugees busies itself with providing once in a lifetime events for migrants. On their facebook migrants at the Arsenal ground are seen busily texting their friends and relatives back home about their day-out to the world famous club.

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