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Thoughtcrime: British Man Arrested for Posting Video Criticising Palestinian Flags Flying in High St

Sadiq Khan sends Police officers to arrest Londoner who dared criticise Palestinian flags.

British police have arrested a man for posting a video on Facebook criticising migrantants in his area for putting Palestine flags along the local high street.

Police from the Metropolitan force arrested a man last night because he had posted a video on Facebook where he can be heard criticising those who have hung Palestinian flags on lamposts, and shop fronts along Bethnal Green High Street.

Chillingly, when asked why he is being arrested the police officer repeats his comments as if they are a crime.

The original video shows Palestinian flags along Bethnal Green High Street in London. Bethnal Green is predominantly a Jewish neighbourhood and one of the oldest in London.

The arrest comes after arrests were made in London last weekend of two people waving a Union Jack outside Downing Street.

London has fallen.

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