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THIRD Nationwide Lockdown For Two Months 'At Least' As SAGE Creates More 'Mutant' Fear and Panic

In spite of increased restrictions for much of the country, a third national lockdown in the New Year will be imposed for at least Two Months but is likely to run until Easter 2021. SAGE had planned to blame those seeing family at Christmas but it became clear, when this was hinted at, the public would not accept being made the fall-guy.

NERVTAG then proposed the idea of using one of the mutated viruses as justification, selecting the one that had emerged a month ago in Belgium as the McGuffin (but it could have been any one of the dozens that have been emerging all year). This has since been followed up with another new virus mutation announcement, this time from South Africa, but that is likely to be held in reserve for when they want to claim the Vaccine doesn't work.

SAGE members are lobbying the Government via the media with that object in mind. SAGE 'experts' have repeated their calls for tougher action, with behavioural psychologist Professor Robert West warning the Government’s current curbs are unlikely to contain the spread of Covid. He argued the UK needed to bolster social distancing rules and build a test, travel, isolate and support programme similar to ones used in East Asia. Why the Government should heed the advice of a psychologist in the transmission of a virus is anyone's guess, but Prof. West IS listened to and in there lies the problem.

Chief Medical Officer Chris Whitty has warned the Prime Minister that the number of patients in hospital with coronavirus is on course to match the April peak by New Year’s Eve – and will continue increasing in January. There is little evidence of this being a crisis, any more than any other years, and hospitals are currently quieter than they were this time last year, or the year before that, with Whitty long since being accused by other experts of fitting the data to support the narrative.

Downing Street yesterday tried to play down suggestions that a third national lockdown was imminent, but Sir Patrick Vallance has been repeating the 'new strain spreads 70% more easily' claim, which sounds like a margarine advert and has been debunked by every expert worth their salt since it was first said.

This is irresponsible at best but more accurately, it is manipulative if not bloody demented.

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