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Hancock: "Getting Back to Normal by Easter"

Health Secretary Matt Hancock, who doesn't even have a First Aider badge yet is in charge of the NHS, continues to make vague claims and predictions based on little more than guesswork and hearsay.

Looking like the world's oldest school prefect, Hancock faced MP's questions where he dodged, back-peddled and squirmed throughout the session. In reality this type of 'democracy in action' event is a waste of time, merely performed to give the impression that due-process is being done.

Hancock stated he hoped the country would be 'back to normal' by Easter, knowing full well that it won't be. For that to happen an entire globalist machine would have to change their minds, and that simply isn't going to happen. We have already been told, repeatedly, by the World Health Organisation, that a virus of this type has at least an 18 month lifespan, and that we should not expect things to change even when a vaccine arrives. We will still be the subject to endless laws on face masks, socialising and repeated lockdowns. Many scientists and supposed experts have already warned us not to expect to have any change until 2022.

Bill Gates said the world won’t return to normal until “a lot of people” take a second “super-effective” coronavirus vaccine that could be years away. Whilst top US epidemiologist Dr.Krutika Kuppalli stated “Life will not be like it was pre-COVID. Even after we have a #vaccine you will still need to use good hand hygiene, maintain physical distance, avoid crowds and wear masks,”

But the starkest warning came from Klaus Schwab from the World Economic Forum who insisted: “Many are pondering when things will return to normal. The short response is never.”

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