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They're Coming For the Water

'The wealthy are using roughly 150 litres of domestic water per day. That has been reset by the UN Human Rights on Water to 50 litres per day.

Unelected global government; The World Economic Forum, together with the UN, have formulated a plan to ration water for everyone on the planet.

Water is now being targeted by the WEF/UN as the last piece of the 2030 Agenda but we have been conditioned to accept water rationing for decades without even realising it. We have been conditioned to believe that water is a scarce commodity in the west, and that, somehow, if we turn off our tap whilst brushing our teeth or not wash our car so often that water we 'saved' will get to those in Africa who need it more. This is, of course, utter nonsense.

Problem, Reaction, Solution

In May 2022 the UN launched the Global Commission on the Economics of Water. Within days of its launch, media outlets in the UK began running stories about water pollution, toxic rivers, and mass droughts. It didn't take long for these stories to rile-up the public who launched their own pressure groups and began campaigning for the Water companies to stop polluting rivers, and 'dumping' raw sewage into the waterway. The media hype was so successful that the biggest water company, Thames Water, are likely to be taken back into government control next year. All part of the plan.

The same unelected technocrats who have been pushing the climate change lie as a ruse for confiscated air and land are now coming after water to complete the set. Water, like Co2 will become the commodity which you will be controlled by. Rationing will mean that your money is useless, and that is the ultimate goal.

"It's a review of the economics of water, and we will be looking at the value of water, considering different novel economic policy measures. which one may be, for example, putting some form of price on water in order to guide and give incentives"

"Not only have we not focused on the economics of water, when we have focused on water we have only focused on drinking water, domestic water, and that is roughly 150 litres per person per day which is what the wealthy are using, and at the United Nations Human Rights on Water they have reset that number to 50 litres per person per day"

*The challenge is, that that is, you know, just a few percent of our 'daily needs of water', because the big consumer of water is our food. And for an adequate diet for a human being, the estimates today, are that we need something in the order of 3,000 litres of water per person per day. Three cubic metres of water. Three tonnes of fresh water.."

'Virtual Water'

We are taking on a very broad perspective with this commission.. it's really about equity, governance, about management and collaboration. You can imagine, with the director general of the WTO, we are also looking at virtual water trading, about how can we collaborate, as a world community, with regards to safeguarding, the flow of 'virtual water' behind all the food'

WEF the New Economics of Water Conference was held in 2022 but is currently featured in COP28 as a full day programme.

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