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'The CIA Murdered my Uncle' Claims Robert F. Kennedy Jr

"This isn't a conspiracy theory, this is documented fact"

In an explosive interview that has gone viral, Robert Kennedy Junior, currently a presidential candidate himself, claims that the Central Intelligence Agency murdered his uncle President John F. Kennedy.  

Appearing  with Tim Pool, the independent presidential candidate tells how, and why, the CIA assassinated his uncle in 1963.

RFK Jr says “The group that killed him was a group from the Miami Station and they were angry at him for his failure to overthrow Castro, and they were angry at him because he was pulling out of Vietnam.” RFK Jr. laid out in detail how members of the CIA colluded with “mobsters” who had been involved in the disastrous ‘Bay of Pigs ‘invasion and other attempts to oust or assassinate Cuban leader Fidel Castro.

He also laid out the key role of CIA director Allen Dulles, whom his uncle fired after the Bay of Pigs. According to RFK Jr., Dulles continued to direct the CIA after his dismissal, and he was also instrumental in ensuring the Warren Commission, convened after President Kennedy’s assassination, directed its attention away from the CIA.

“This isn’t a ‘conspiracy theory’,” RFK Jr. added.



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I hope he's got better security than his uncle had!

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