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Government Agents ARE Behind Russell Brand Attacks

Russell Brand is the target of the deep state for daring to question the narrative, could you be next?

New evidence has emerged proving what 'conspiracy theorists' had suspected all along. Russell Brand IS the target of an orchestrated campaign by the deep state. Government ministers, a Cyber Warfare Unit, Legacy Media and Big Tech have all conspired to silence Russell Brand for one reason and one reason only: he dared to question the narrative.

Channel 4's Despatches programme was a hit-piece on Russell Brand. It was obvious from the outset what the intentions were. C4 presented four victims each claiming that Brand had sexually assaulted them yet failed to provide any evidence whatsoever to back up their claims.

At least three of the four 'victims' were unlikely to even be real, more likely fake people, to fit the fake narrative. Channel 4 failed to provide even the most basic evidence to prove they existed. Played by actors, but still appeared in silhouette (?), the victims read from pre-prepared scripts, that script being carefully worded to imply everything but to evidence nothing. And this was all done with a the inevitable backdrop of sinister music.

Cleverly, C4 had trawled Brand's old live shows, finding the most off-colour jokes they could before getting their 'victims' to describe the jokes as if they'd been subjected to it in real life. It's powerful stuff, even if it is a lie. The BBC did the same trick when they produced a further victim yesterday. Their victim too was in silhouette, and appeared to have her 'ordeal' described by Brand in yet another live broadcast. Like the last three, this victim had no evidence to back up her claims.

Now it has emerged that Dame Caroline Dinenage, Chair of the Culture, Media and Sport Committee has written to TikTok and Rumble applying pressure on them to take down Russell Brand's content even though the content has nothing to do with the alleged crimes whatsoever. Brand hasn't been convicted of anything either, nor is he under police investigation, despite the false BBC claims.

It is clear that the real reason for all this is Brand's social media content. Content that just happens to have questioned the government narrative over the past three years.

Dame Caroline wrote to video streaming platform Rumble asking if they would follow Youtube’s decision. “While we recognise that Rumble is not the creator of the content published by Mr Brand, we are concerned that he may be able to profit from his content on the platform,” she wrote to Rumble chief executive Chris Pavlovski.

But free speech platform Rumble has said it will not follow in the footsteps of Youtube amid the allegations, insisting it would not “join a cancel culture mob”. It branded a letter from Dame Caroline about he comedian as “deeply inappropriate and dangerous”.

Online Safety Bill.

The menacing letters were sent the same day as the Online Safety Bill passed through parliament, with these two events being unlikely a coincidence. This is a shot across the bows of Rumble and other platforms. The Bill forces all social media providers to take down any content the government demands, or face huge fines and denial of service.

77th Brigade Cyber Warfare Unit.

Caroline Dinenage is married to Major General John Mark Lancaster; Deputy Commander of the 77th Brigade a division of the Ministry of Defence that was dedicated to Cyber Warfare but in 2020 was re-tasked to apply their skills against the British people on Social Media if they were going against the State narrative. Amongst 77th Brigade stock-in-trade was to create false narratives to discredit targets they deemed a threat. Targets like Russell Brand.

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