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Sickening Bias As BBC Refers To Veterans As "Far-Right Activists"

The BBC's characterisation of anyone who protested against the BLM anarchists in London yesterday as 'Far-Right Activists' was predictable if nothing else. The BBC, along with the Guardian and Channel 4, are the very mouthpiece of the Progressive Left who label everyone not sharing their views as 'alt-right'. They can't help themselves. It's like a journalistic form of Tourettes.

They have long since applied the 'racist' tag to whole swaths of the British public, endlessly repeating the lie that anyone voting for Brexit was a racist, as well as openingly accusing Journalists, Authors and Politicians like Rod Liddle and Nigel Farage of being one. They've stopped short of calling people 'Nazis' who don't agree with them, but it's said every day by Leftist Trolls on Twitter, their core audience, so it can only be a matter of time before that toxic lie is liberally sprinkled in their reports as well.

Whilst they gushed over 'Black Lives Matter' protests last week, interviewing endless angry Black Activists, pseudo-intellectual Professors of 'Black History' and more than a few other Gobshites who shouted anti-British sentiments unchallenged, they reported all of the disgusting behaviour of BLM and Antifa as being by 'a tiny minority', or simply ignored it completely. Dozens of police officers were injured with one even being thrown from her horse and suffering a punctured lung, but the BBC barely touched on this, preferring to tell us all why Churchill was such a racist.

Yesterday a group of British Services Veterans marched into Westminster with the express purpose of protecting the Cenotaph and Churchill's Statue in Parliament Square. The BBC portrayed them as "far right thugs". The Veterans formed a ring around the Cenotaph, protecting it from more of the yobbery and desecration which the police failed to

do last week, whilst they preferred to tell the Veterans that their gathering was 'illegal'.

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