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It's Not Just This Obnoxious Lefty Harridan, the Entire BBC Needs to Go

I couldn't believe what i was hearing on Tuesday night. As Emily Maitlis started Newsnight I, like millions of others, watched open-mouthed, as she spouted a tirade of leftist opinion about Dominic Cummings in the most blatant (non-Brexit) bias ever uttered on any of the British Broadcasting Corporation's platforms. In just 2 days following the broadcast the BBC received over 40,000 complaints.

The Irony of her rant about Cummings breaking rules, when she herself was breaking BBC impartiality rules, seemed to have been lost on her bosses who let that piece go out without stopping to think for a moment that, actually, it wasn't so much impartial news reporting, as the leftist rantings of a menopausal woman confusing her own opinion with fact. Matilis is an ardent leftist, on social media, she proclaims her pro-Labour views and continues to retweet the most loud-mouthed Left-wingers and Remain campaigners. So impartial!

Maitlis has form in doing this sort of thing, especially during the Brexit campaign. Last September, a complaint was upheld against her for a ‘sneering and bullying’ interview carried out on the programme in July. The BBC’s internal executive complaints unit found that she was too ‘persistent and personal’ in her criticism of the pro-Brexit journalist Rod Liddle. I recall that interview and she didn’t even bother to disguise her contempt for him. She was openly hostile, asking loaded and irrelevant questions. She asked Liddle, absurdly, if he would describe himself ‘as a racist’, adding ‘because many see you that way’. She then informed the longstanding columnist: ‘All you do is write about suicide bombers blowing themselves up in Tower Hamlets.’ Liddle, a far greater intellect than Maitlis, was not phased by her and could see he had been asked on the show as the fall-guy. In a retort worthy of Jordan B Peterson asked her: ‘Do you have to, at every possible juncture, show the BBC’s grotesque bias?’

The brilliant Douglas Murray summed up precisely what Maitlis was like, calling her Newsnight piece " Biased, sneering and using BBC as her megaphone.." but Murray's analysis of the event suggested that Maitlis had been in trouble with her BBC Bosses previously for her partisan nature of presenting. BBC bosses did apologise for her rant, that is true, but the idea that she's some sort of maverick reporter 'gone rogue' is wrong. Her BBC bosses are equally left-wing, equally biased, equally sneering as Maitlis herself. She would never have gotten to the position of presenting the BBC's flagship news programme without sharing the same opinions as the rest of the BBC's News and Current Affairs Team.

This leftist/progressive ideology is so ingrained and pervasive throughout the BBC that they don't even realise what they are doing is bias. They're so sure that their metropolitan, progressive, globalist view of the world is morally and intellectually superior to anyone else's that it wouldn't cross their tiny minds that they're actually a bunch of toxic hacks who are insulting a sizable chunk of the population outside of the M25 every time they open their mouths.

The BBC's entire attitude to Brexit was hostile with every reporter promoting the idea that Brexiteers were thick racists. They were the mouthpiece of the Remoaner camp, behaving like they 'spoke for the country' when they couldn't have been more wrong. Their editorials were indistinguishable from the Guardian's, often using stories generated by the far left newspaper as 'research' according to veteran BBC broadcaster John Humphrys. A study of Question Time panelists showed there was a 75% pro-remain bias in the show's guest mix, but that paled into insignificance when compared to the thousands of broadcast hours about Brexit that were negative, sniping and bile inducing. Not once, in the entire three years, did they run a truly positive piece about Britain leaving the EU; thousands of hours of Remoaner opinion palmed off as news.

Now we see their lack of impartiality when it comes to Donald Trump. They clearly despise him, and have pushed the idea that he's a mad, sexist, racist. They've taken quotes out of context, edited videos to change the emphasis, allowed their presenters to offer up their personal opinions, and in a BBC1 documentary about him earlier this year, every appearance Trump made on screen was accompanied by ominous music in the background.

Maitlis, rather than being a rogue reporter, is entirely representative of the BBC. The organisation is awash with middle-classed, metropolitan leftists, obsessed with Identity Politics, Progressive agendas, and Marxist ideologies. They've been infiltrated by Common Purpose 'graduates' for years, with the BBC paying hundreds of thousands sending their executives on training by the sinister organisation for when they need to 'lead beyond authority' in the post-democratic world they keep talking about. The entire organisation is a leftover from a Socialist world where rationing was still a thing. In the Netflix, Amazon, 5G, stream anything any time world of the 21st Century they have no place.

Time to go Maitlis, and take your Trotskyite mates with you when you leave.

Darren Birks is the Editor of Vision News Online

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