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SHAM: Not a Single Question Asked About His Role in Known 'Crimes Against Humanity'

Patrick Vallance's appearance at the sham 'Covid Inquiry' today was bound to enrage those of us who are awake. Vallance is, after all, one of the very architects of the biggest medical fraud in all of human history. He, together with his co-conspirators Chris Whitty, Johnathan Van Tam and Niel Furguson, should be at the Hague, facing life in prison for their crimes against humanity.

Instead, Vallance and Co are allowed to grand-stand in a fake inquiry designed to rewrite history and cement alibis. The entire Covid Inquiry is a sick joke. As ever, it's the establishment controling the narrative. A coriographed piece of theatre. Propaganda worthy of the Nazis themselves.

Imagine if top ranking Nazi officials had not stood trial at Nurenberg but rather been subject to an 'inquiry' about what they'd done. What part they'd played in the Nazi war-machine. If they had it would have probably looked something like this one. Joseph Goebbels would have no doubt brought out his diaries and read passages from them to absolve himself of any wrong doing, just like Patrick Vallance appears to be doing.

The inquiry would have been sure to avoid asking any awkward questions about disappearing Jews or invading Poland, instead concentrating on irrelevant details about who said what to whom, if Hitler had implemented the 'final solution' early enough and how the Nazis had been subject to a lot of 'disinformation' by Conspiracy Theorists.

The Covid Inquiry doesn't look into any of the actions of the WHO, the media, big tech, or Big Pharma. It doesn't even look into the NHRA, SAGE, PHE, or the 'Nudge' or 'Disinformation' Units. It is actively lookling the other way.

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