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Santa’s Dying of Covid Kids! NHS Advert Terrifies Children For Project Fear

In the latest stunt by the NHS, Father Christmas is seen on the verge of dying from Covid in their new tv advertisement, because it's perfectly acceptable to traumatise small children to push project fear.

In what some are describing as 'sick', the advert, according to its makers, “celebrates NHS staff and volunteers” by showing them nursing Father Christmas back to full health so he can deliver presents. Entitled 'The Gift', the ad shows paramedics giving Santa oxygen as he looks to be at death’s door while being transported to a medical ward as one nurse asks, “Is he responding?”

The commercial then cuts to Santa waking up before he is slowly rehabilitated and subsequently receives a get well soon card from Rudolph. After passing some children, Santa is then seen responding to letters from hopeful kids.

Respondents to the video didn’t find it clever or heartwarming, they found in distasteful and even sick.

“Disgusting video and one any children should not be seeing. Totally politicising COVID with Santa. What were you thinking. Complained to Ofcom already,” said one. “If anyone thinks that this ad is either clever or funny or poignant they are sadly deluded,” said another.

“Should have shown the reality: A nurse passing the infection to a patient, discharging a Covid POS patient to a care home,” commented another.

Watch the advert showing a fictitious creation that, supposedly, enters every home in the country in December sharing the screen with Father Christmas.

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