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"People Should Still Expect to be Wearing Masks Next Winter": Patrick Vallance

By next winter Vallance should be in prison

The Government’s Chief Scientist, and demented megalomaniac; Patrick Vallance, has said that people should still expect to be wearing masks next winter, the Telegraph reports.

"The public may have to wear masks for another year, despite a 'watershed moment' beginning Britain’s national vaccination programme" Vallance said. As hospitals across the country began administering jabs to the most vulnerable, the chief scientific adviser suggested that 'restrictions may remain in place long after its full rollout.' …

Vallance went on to say: “It may be that next winter even with vaccination we need measures such as masks in place; we don’t know yet how good all the vaccines are going to be at preventing the transmission of the virus.”

The Government scientist also said it would take “quite a long time” to make sure everyone in priority groups receives their jabs, urging the public to “stick to the rules”. Sir Patrick said that the public could not afford to “let our guard down” as the vaccine is rolled out.

As we reported on Tuesday, Vallance is an untrustworthy character who provided fake data, which claimed infection rates were five times higher than they really were, forcing Boris Johnson into another lockdown. He has consistently lied, exaggerated, and manipulated to push his own warped agenda and hopefully, by next winter, the public will have wised-up and he will be in front of a judge answering for his crimes.


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