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SAGE Take Credit For Seasonal Drop in Cases Whilst Florida Have Same Result With No Lockdowns

Lockdown fanatics love taking credit for other people's work, even if it's Mother Nature's. Last week it was Dido Harding claiming it was her brilliance, running the Track and Trace programme, that was responsible for the drop in cases, this week it's SAGE taking credit for seasonal variations.

LBC titled a piece on yesterday’s update from the Imperial REACT study: “Lockdowns driving down coronavirus rates but they remain high, study finds.”

This time, it's not from lead fantasist Neil Ferguson, It is an analysis of the prevalence of recorded coronavirus cases in the population by a second team at Imperial College. And whilst the authors claim it is 'not intended as a study that attributes causation to correlation' they state it anyway. They can’t help themselves, particularly when it comes to taking credit for nature, something that happens naturally, every year, regular as clockwork, these clowns are all over it.

There is a specific reference directly linking the fall in cases to lockdowns in this paper. It notes that the fall in prevalence in the over-65s was similar to that in other age groups, concluding that any effect of the vaccine reducing cases is not yet a “major driver”. Instead, the paper comments: “The observed falls described here are most likely due to reduced social interactions during lockdown.”

The message was clear; Lockdowns work, we're great, they're great, let's have more.

But what we are actually seeing is the seasonal effect of viruses. Colds and flu viruses, which is what their tests are overwhelmingly recording, always start to recede at this time of the year. They would have got away with it too, were it not for the fact that those countries and regions who have not locked down are seeing EXACTLY the same reduction in cases.

Not only is Sweden's trajectory mirroring the UK's but Florida has not had any restrictions this season and also had an almost identical decline in reported deaths.

Whilst the Twitter mob repeat the tired lie that Swedens data can't be compared because, unlike the UK, is a sparsely populated country of only 10 million (that was debunked back in July of last year) they appear to have forgotten that when Sweden's death rate started to climb they were the very same idiots that were claiming it was because they DIDN'T have a lockdown. But, even if you entirely ignore Sweden's results, there is still the small case of Florida: a state that is the third most populous in the enter United States, with a population of some 22 Million with cities like Jacksonville with a million people as permanent residents. The Twitter mob seem to be very quiet, whilst SAGE have failed to even acknowledge the existence of the US state, presumably hoping it will go away.

Professor Paul Elliot, who leads the Imperial REACT study, claimed lockdown restrictions is a “very delicate balance”. Well, he would wouldn't he? There's a clear pattern of SAGE scientists cherry picking data that fits the narrative, whilst ignoring, or attacking anything that disproves their bollocks.

We could (and Should) open up tomorrow. Florida has been fine, despite its last five months of complete freedom, and it still has a lower coronavirus death rate than the UK. The subterfuge is bad enough, but when there is a wealth of data proving the lockdowns are, at the very least, a complete waste of time, why are the media not all over this? And no, It's not because we've had mutant strains here because Florida has had community spread of the new Kent variant since December, it appeared the same time it was announced here.

Another Professor on the REACT team suggested: “This is a better decline than many people would have hoped for, certainly when we were thinking about this at the end of December.” No, this is exactly what we expected, as that's what seasonal flu does, and that's what you've been counting. Given Florida experienced the same decline, from the same variants, at the same time, with no restrictions maybe some fuckers need sacking.

If this were the private sector, rather than the public sector, SAGE would not only have been overruled they would have been sacked for incompetence whilst those advising and running Florida would have been poached to lead the UK’s response.

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