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Sweden's Covid Deaths Plummet Proving Lockdowns Don't Work, Angering SAGE

UK's Scientific advisory group (SAGE) have been claiming Lockdowns are 'beginning to work' as the number of deaths in the UK reported are beginning to fall, but Sweden's death figures are falling at an even greater rate without a lockdown driving a coach and horses through SAGE's claims.

UK broadcasters BBC, Sky and Channel 4 all read out the SAGE press release that took credit for the fall saying: “Lockdown is working! COVID-19 infection rate plummets in England.” adding “One of the largest and most authoritative coronavirus surveys has found that infections are quickly falling in England, confirming that lockdown is working to suppress the virus,” The press release report also claims that vaccines aren’t a factor in the reduction in deaths and cases because they are observed across all age groups.

However, as Dr. Eli David highlighted, COVID deaths in Sweden began dropping off even sooner without the need for harsh lockdown measures.

As can be clearly seen the path of Sweden's Coronavirus deaths have followed almost exactly the of the UK's (and every other European country for that matter). Proving that Lockdowns make absolutely no difference to a virus. “The strict lockdown in the UK was so effective that it stopped the spread of Covid in Sweden as well,” joked the Doctor.

In comparison to the UK, which imposed a full national lockdown in early January, Sweden refused to follow suit, only encouraging voluntary social distancing measures. Sweden have refused to impose any Lockdown's and have inevitably brought criticism from the establishment who have proffered and number of bullshit reasons why Sweden's trajectory follows our own.

Bizarrely, Sweden authorities are now considering implementing a lockdown, finally caving to international pressure, or perhaps being included in what the greater plan is.

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