SAGE Look for Excuse to Give Your 5 Year Old the Covid Jab Following Pfizer 'Emergency' Use Win

Pfizer has been granted emergency use approval for its Covid vaccine to be used on children as young as five which is the next phase in SAGE's plan for all children, even babies, to be given the jab.

With experimental drug use now just being waved through by the MHRA the plan to vaccinate all children, including 6 month old babies, is well underway. Children between 12 and 15 are currently being given the jab, with Chris Whitty claiming that it was for the good of the child's mental health.

Pfizer said its trial of around 2,000 children aged five to 11 found a low dose of the vaccine generated a strong immune response and threw up no safety concerns. Pfizer's trial is said to have looked at antibody levels in the blood of primary school-aged children to estimate their immune response, unlike larger trials of older participants which compared Covid cases in the vaccine and control groups. In layman's terms they didn't test to see if the vaccine prevented the virus, but used PCR tests to see if the child had the spike protein they'd just injected the child with.

A spokesperson said the company may later disclose vaccine efficacy from the trial but there had not been enough infections yet among the volunteers. Pfizer is also trialling its vaccines on babies as young as six months and expects the results of that study to be available by winter, in a move likely to cause international controversy.

Chris Whitty has secretly employed SAGE subgroup SPI-B (the Nudge Unit) to come up with a 'plausible reason' to give five year olds an experimental drug for an illness they don't suffer from. SPI-B, the department tasked with creating Propaganda were allegedly the team who came up with the idea of telling the public that jabs for 12 year olds was for the good of the child's mental health and have been responsible for the vilification of "anti-vaxxers", fear campaigns around new variants as well as fake Social Media accounts pushing Vaccine safety.

They now have to come up with a new excuse, because the public are not likely to believe the mental health for 5 year olds. SAGE have to convince an increasingly sceptical public that five year olds NEED an experimental gene-editing drug, with no long-term safety data for, given for an illness that they don't suffer from.

A single dose of Pfizer's vaccine is currently being used on Britons aged 12 to 15 for the 'good of their mental health' and to 'prevent further disruptions to their education', even after the JVCI had advised against it saying that the benefit was 'marginal'. This completely, and criminally ignored the evidence from a large US study that concluded a child was at least SIX TIMES more likely to suffer from an adverse event from the drug than becoming ill with Covid. The study which has been peer-reviewed, shows that children, especially teenage boys, risk a series and often life-changing event from Covid vaccines, and although the Pfizer version isn't the worst for causing this, it still shouldn't be given to children under any circumstances, but to give it to children for a illness they don't get, is criminal.

Professor Adam Finn, a member of the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI), said the decision to jab 12 to 15-year-olds is not black and white when that is EXACTLY what it is. He added that while it is not "essential" for them to have a coronavirus vaccine, it is also "perfectly sensible" for them to do so. PERFECTLY SENSIBLE to g