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Childless, Unmarried, Vaccine-Obsessed, Chris Whitty Has Final Say on Jabs for 12 to 15 yr olds

Which way do you think the weirdo will vote?

The recommendation by the JVCI not to vaccinate healthy children is not the end of the story, the final decision on whether 12 to 15 yr olds will get vaccinated is still to be made. That decision is to be made this week by Chief Medical Officer Chris Whitty.

The man who has no children of his own, has never been married, or even had a girlfriend, and who appears totally lacking in sympathy, empathy or human emotion at all, will this week make a decision that profoundly affects the lives of 3 million children.

He's read about them in a book of course, maybe even looked at pictures of them on a specialist website, but being childless himself, he has no concept of what it is to be a parent, yet this week he is adopting the roll of parent for all 12 -15 yr old in this country. The decision to jab children with an experimental drug has been removed from the parents and given to this childless, 'bachelor' and that should ring alarm-bells for every single right minded person in this country.

For Chris Whitty, your child's life is a number on a spreadsheet. A spreadsheet drawn up by the likes of Neil Ferguson and the rest of the idiots in Spi-M, the modelling team who, so far, haven't got a single thing right in the entire pandemic, and who have been caught, repeatedly, writing papers that fit the SAGE agenda.

We have been here before, when 16 and 17yr olds became the target the JVCI initially said there was no clinical benefit to mass vaccination for them and that only those 16 and 17 year olds 'at risk' should receive the jab. Then, just a week later, that decision was reversed and it was announced all teens in that group would be given the jab. And to ensure that they would be, parental consent was removed.

The exact same game is being played with 12 - 15yr olds. First there's a denial of any plans whatsoever, then the JVCI say they have been looking at it but recommend only vulnerable children get the jab. Then there is a week to ten days before a 'final decision is made' where it will suddenly be announced that they will be going ahead with mass vaccination of teenagers after all. Whitty is about to make that announcement in the coming week.

Ever since the JVCI recommendation was announced Ministers have been making statements suggesting that they also have to consider "disruption to the child's education" and that this must all be considered "in the round" - this is political speak implying that if the child doesn't receive the drug that they will miss schooling through illness. But children have missed schooling because of the ridiculous 'bubble' system where one healthy child with a positive test condemn a full class, or in some cases an entire year, of other healthy children to miss school. Whitty and his cronies have convinced an entire nation of healthy people that they're sick, and the cure is a vaccine.

The NHS, PHE and Schools have already put plans in place to vaccinate all 12 - 15yr olds.

The government has already produced behavioural change plans for children, and classroom materials have already been developed which could be described as vaccine propaganda aimed at children.

Whilst Health officials have already announced their intention to vaccinate all children of 12 and above to local authorities. NHS Trusts were told to prepare for the "rollout of a 12 to 15 year-old healthy child vaccination programme commencing September 6th”. Emails sent by NHS England’s regional offices, seen by the Telegraph, say trusts should draw up plans by 4pm on Friday.

In June, the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency approved the Pfizer jab for 12 to 15 year-olds in Britain, despite having NO long term safety data on children, and the bodies piling up for adults. None of this matters to Whitty of course, the 'debate' is just theatre, all children are earmarked for vaccination, and have been all along.

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