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Prepare for Lab-Grown 'Meat' Propaganda to go into Overdrive

Covid-style propaganda campaign will include 'misinformation' blocks on social media.

The public are about to be subjected to a coordinated campaign promoting lab grown 'protein' to brainwash people into believing they should eat the frankenstein protein laughingly called 'meat' to 'save the planet'.

CNN have already run their first item on it, and have many more to follow, with the BBC to begin several 'news' items first based around the 'evils' of real meat, before switching to promoting the fake 'meat' as the only viable solution.

Channel 4 have dedicated an entire hour of prime-time television to the propaganda; The British Miracle Meat is a 'documentary' programme where the makers push the lab-grown 'meat' as a solution to the 'cost of living crisis'; a crisis brought about by NET ZERO in the first place.

As with Covid social media 'fact checkers' will flag, block, and delete anything negative said about the frankenstein food. You will be unable to question it in the same way you weren't allowed to question vaccines, because the very same people are behind both.

In truth there are huge question-marks over lab grown meat. For a start lab-grown meat is up to 25 times worse for the environment than real meat according to latests findings. Whilst the gloop needs ‘pharmaceutical-grade’ production to make it even passably fit for human consumption.

But the biggest issue by far is that to create tonnes of this stuff the labs use 'growth organisms' that have to be highly purified to help animal cells multiply. These 'organisms' act like cancer cells in rapid division, with little or no thought to what consumption of these cells would do in humans.

Reporting those facts is about to become 'misinformation'.

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