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Peado Doctor Who Mutilated a Child to 'Prove' Gender Theory Doesn't Even Get a Mention in CASS Report

The Cass report, supposedly a seminal moment in the treatment of Trans Kids, doesn't even mention the man who invented the entire field of medicine. Yet, wiithout John Money, a peadophile who performed horrific experiements and molested children to satisfy his own sexual perversions the entire ideology would not exist.

John Money was born in New Zealand in 1921 to a family of Christian fundamentalists. His parents were members of the Plymouth Brethren Christian Church, a religious sect that itself has been accused of child sex abuse for decades.

Money went to University in Wellington, New Zealand, where he gained a degree in Psychology, later moving to the United States where he obtained a PhD from Harvard University. But it was an John Hopkins University as a 'sexologist' that in the 1950s John Money could really indulge in his perversions, under the guise of a Doctor studying sexuality in small children.

Briefly married, Money later claimed to be bi-sexual, the nearest thing he could get to gay in 1950s America.

At John Hopkins University money could indulge in his sexual fantasies without fear of being exposed as a peadophile. His sheer obsession with the sexualisation of small children prompted him to developed an entire psudo-scientific field to hide it.

The absurd ideas Money had, all to 'rationalise' his peadophilia, formed the entire basis of today's Trans movement. The idea that Gender is a 'social construct'; that sex is 'assigned' at birth by society, and that gender is 'malleable' were all Money's. To 'prove' his theory Money started claiming that any child born a boy could be changed into a girl and visa versa.

He coined the terms 'gender role' and 'sexual orientation' are wrote dozens of books, papers, and journals espousing these ludacris ideas. Clearly the ravings of a disturbed mind, Money was now operating under the 'argument from authority' as a professor of Psychology and so was allowed to carry on unchallenged.

The fact that Money wrote endlessly about 'sexuoerotic fantasies and practices' and children without challenge emboldened him. He claimed that all children, even babies and toddlers had 'subconscious erotic yearnings and desires' and that Peadophilia, hyperphilia, Paraphilia (a term created by Money) were all just aspects of what he called sexual errotic health.

He was normalising sexual perversions in an attempt to make them mainstream, but it was his obsession with sex and young boys that caused the most devastation. John Money actively mutilated a baby boy, one of twins, claiming that he had successfully turned the boy into a girl and that the 'girl' would be raised under his "optimum gender rearing model" from then on. In truth the boy remained a boy, just with horribly mutilated genitalia, and the resulting psyops, which reportedly involved both boys performing sex acts, on each other, whilst Money watched, caused him to commit suicide at the age of 38.

The appalling story began in 1965 when the identical Reimer twins — Brian and Bruce — were born to a Canadian couple, Janet and Ron Reimer, in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

The boys were born perfectly healthy but after seven months, both were having trouble urinating. On medical advice, their parents took them to the local hospital to be circumcised.

However, for one of the boys, the surgery went wrong, causing him to suffer severe burns damaging his penis beyond repair.

A doctor at the hospital informed the parents of the medical accident, bluntly informing them that their son would be "unable to consummate marriage or have normal heterosexual relations" and that their son would have to recognise that he was "incomplete, and physically defective."

Mr and Mrs Reimer were naturally distraught and didn't know what to do with their 'defective son'. But then, a year later in spring 1967, they happened to see John Money being interviewed on television talking about establishing the first U.S. clinic that performed sex-reassignment surgeries. The couple watched as the professor claimed, as scientific fact, that all babies were 'gender-neutral' and that many were even hermaphrodites and that he'd even worked with them at his clinic.

No matter its genitalia, he claimed, any baby could be ‘streamed’, thanks to hormone injections and surgery, into a gender chosen by others. The Reimers — desperate to ensure their mutilated son would have some chance of a normal life — saw a possible solution and contacted the doctor. Yet they also provided an unwitting solution to his problem.

Until then, he’d been able to conduct his experiments only on intersex children. (human Hermaphrodites, someone able to impregnate themselves, do not exist). His main hypothesis, had never been tested, but here was a golden opportunity to prove it was right.

Of course, the Reimers were doubly attractive to the psychologist because Bruce’s identical twin brother, Brian, represented what researchers call a perfect ‘control group’ against whom Money could compare Bruce’s progress as a female.

At the time, it was much easier to surgically construct a vagina than a penis, and Money was able to persuade the Reimers that Bruce should be raised as female. But for the experiment to work, he said, neither of the twins must ever be told the truth. Although initially reluctant, Janet and Ron were impressed by Money’s intelligence and his persuasive powers and, eventually, they agreed.

Bruce — now renamed ‘Brenda’ — was thus castrated when ‘she’ was 22 months old. A rudimentary vulva was fashioned for her by doctors at Money’s hospital. The sexologist prescribed that Brenda should start taking female hormones when she was 12.

The Reimers did not appreciate until years later that the course Money so confidently outlined for ‘Brenda’ had never been attempted on a developmentally normal — that is, non-intersex — child.

Janet Reimer would regularly write to the sexologist about ‘Brenda’s’ progress, and every year the twins would visit him and he would interrogate them at length. The normal brother claims that at these sessions Money molested them, and forced them to perform sexual acts on each other, all whilst he watched.

In 1972, when the children were seven, Money published a book — called Man & Woman, Boy & Girl about the case — although he gave the family pseudonyms. The experiment, he announced, had been a total success. The ‘girl’ happily wore dresses and played with dolls while her brother loved cars, soldiers and climbing trees. This was a lie.

In reality the boy continued to be a boy, just with a mutilated penis, and grew up confused, mentally traumatised and unable to have any quality of life. By the age of seven he was actively revolting against experiment, refusing to wear the dresses, urinating standing up, and playing and acting as a boy.

As ‘Brenda’ Reimer would later admit in interviews, both she and her brother knew early on that something wasn’t right. Far from enjoying wearing them, 'she' tore off the lacy dresses her mother made her wear and showed no interest in make-up. Aged four, 'she' said she wanted to try out her father’s razor. 'She' hated playing with dolls, and always chose her brother’s toys instead. 'Her' mother reassured her that she was just a ‘tomboy’.

At school, Brenda never fitted in, rejected by both the girls she didn’t want to play with and the boys she desperately wanted to join. 'She' was bullied mercilessly and even the teachers were uncomfortable around her. ‘She was very rebellious. She was very masculine, and I could not persuade her to do anything feminine,’ said her mother, Janet, years later.

What Brenda and her brother, Brian, particularly loathed were their annual trips to see Money for interviews conducted without their parents present. For Money these were important, both for the sexual thrill he got, and as a way of confirming his 'triumph' even though the later was a complete fallacy.

These visits to his clinic were part of the sick game. From the age of six, the doctor would show them naked pictures of men and women, boys and girls, and of adults having sex. He would force them to strip naked and 'examine' each other’s genitals. screaming at them in fury until they obeyed. Most damning of all was he would demand that they would simulate sex with each other, asked them to ‘play at thrusting movements and copulation’ — the pre-pubescent siblings forced to pretend to have sex in various positions. This would often be photographed and filmed so Money could watch them back for later sexual gratification after the boys had gone.

Despite all this, to the outside world Money claimed the experient was 100% a success. He went on tour to repeat the lie, claiming that Brenda was a very happy little girl, when the truth was a devastated and mutilated little boy was living a life in hell.

In 1980, he was accused of endorsing paedophilia and incest after he told Time magazine: ‘A childhood sexual experience, such as being the partner of a relative or of an older person, need not necessarily affect the child adversely.’

He reportedly told a Dutch academic journal that he did not see any problem with a sexual relationship between ‘a boy aged ten or 12 who’s intensely attracted toward a man in his 20s or 30s’.

‘Brenda’ Reimer told the BBC in 2000: "I thought he was perverted. I thought he was a sick man."

On May 4, 2004, Brenda (now David) Reimer drove to a supermarket car park and, still sitting in the car, pulled out a shotgun, sucked the barrell, and pulled the trigger, blowing his own brains out.

It is for this very reason that John Money, the godfather of Trans ideology, is not mentioned by the Trans lobby, or by the Tavistock, or by the NHS. Money doesn't even get a mention in the CASS report. Even though all of the ideas, the terminology, the slogans and the pseudo-science was dreamt-up by Money he has been erased from history. His experiment, far from confirming the ideas, proved exactly the opposite. It proved categorically that Gender IS binary, that nature sets the rules and no amount of trickery can beat that.

If Dr Hilary Cass really wanted to stop this sick ideology she would only have to present John Money as evidence, and keep presenting it, until the entire sick ideology is gone.


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