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Owen Jones Threatens to Sue After Douglas Murray Delivers this HAMMER BLOW

"Holocaust Denial in Real Time"

Quisling, and Hamas supporter, Owen Jones has spent the last two weeks attempting to cast doubt over the Hamas attacks, implying that the videos that Israel showed were fake, doctored and merely Propaganda. He hasn't said this directly of course, but Jones knows he doesn't have to, he only has to sow the seeds of doubt in everyone's mind and his left-wing audience will lap it up.

Talking to Julia Hartley-Brewer Journalist and writer Douglas Murray destroys Owen Jones in an impassioned speech on Talk TV, prompting a huge tantrum by Jones.

In response Jones made veiled threats on Twitter (X) that he will sue Murray for calling him out on his sick views, once again playing the victim. He would have no doubt played the homophobia-card were it not for the fact that Douglas Murray is also gay.

Jones is well known for having tantrums if he doesn't get his own way. He regularly takes to Twitter and Youtube to his broadcast Marxist diatribes, often saying the most outrageous and sickening untruths, whilst confusing his own opinion with fact.

Likewise his friends at Novara Media pump out Communist dogma daily, palming the Communist narrative off as ''news analysis', they have rushed to Jones' defence, claiming that Jones is the subject of a smear campaign.

Owen Jones has 'reported' on the Hamas attacks from the comfort of his front-room in South London. In contrast Douglas Murray travelled to the area and has reported directly from the fighting.

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Owen Jones gives genuine, honest to goodnees pieces of shit a very bad name.

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