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Over 700 Fifth-Columnists Found in the Heart of Government Plotting Against the British People

A secret network with the express purpose of subverting Government policy has been discovered embedded in Whitehall leaked documents reveal.

A Group of over 700 members, calling themselves 'Islamic Network', have been found within the Home Office GB News claims. The group is operating at the very heart of government attempting to "influence policymakers" to support "Muslim needs" a GB News investigation reveals.

Leaked documents show the group of over 700 civil servants say they aim to "promote the recruitment, retention and progression of Muslim staff in the Home Office" and “influence policymakers so that policy is more inclusive of Muslim needs”.

GB News says it has seen a list the groups aims, published on an internal Government website, which also include to “promote a clear understanding of generic Islam", “Provide advice and guidance to senior civil service management on religious issues that affect Muslim staff” and “Facilitate and support Home Office engagement with external stakeholders from Muslim communities”.

According to the leaked documents, the Home Office network, set up in 2005, does not allow non-Muslim staff to become full members; they can sign up to be “associate members” only.

A Home Office whistleblower told GB News: “Having an Islamic lobby group inside the Home Office represents a serious threat to the Government’s aims in combating Islamic extremism and granting asylum to those fleeing Islamic countries over religious persecution.”

“The network has already produced pro-Hijab propaganda which it sent to asylum seeker decision makers in the Home Office, and explicitly states it aims to influence policy to support their religious goals.”

They continued: “Far from shutting down the group or banning it from attempting to influence Government policy, ministers and senior civil servants have endorsed it as a part of their commitment to diversity.”

“It is anti-democratic and very worrying that this group exists.”

The network’s intranet website says they are looking to recruit regional representatives or “champions” to be volunteers who support “the Home Office Islamic Network in delivering its activities”.

The leaked documents show that in Peterborough, Sheffield, Birmingham and Liverpool the network already has representation.

In March, senior Home Office figures, including Home Secretary James Cleverly, Permanent Secretary Matthew Rycroft and the Director General of the Migration and Borders Group Daniel Hobbs attended an Islamic Network event celebrating Ramadan. This came at a time when prayers for the Islamic festival were seen being recited in the Houses of Parliament, Bute House in Scotland, a number of council buildings around the country and London's Mayor Sadiq Khan decorating the West End in lights for the entire month of the festival.

The Islamification of Britain has also seen MPs receiving death threats from Islamic Groups in another attempt to subvert England's democracy. Mass open-air prayers held in London streets. The conversion of over 200 Churches into Mosques in recent years, and mass anti-British sentiment displayed on British streets following the October 7th Attacks.

The discovery of an Islamic Group attempting to subvert British democracy at any time would be concerning, but right now, at a time when Britain is likely going to war with an Islamic countries, is a matter of national security.


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Well. this goes a long to understanding why the UK is becoming like the islamic shitholes these so called asylum seekers and ' refugees are fleeing from. They need exposimg and sacking, amonst other things. The arseholes that have allowed this to happen are guilty of treason and should be prosecuted for it too.

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