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Muslims Now Control Britain

On Wednesday islam took control of the British Parliament.  They did it by issuing death threats to MPs who were about to 'vote the wrong way', namely not supporting their genocidal war against the Jews.

In an act of utter cowardice, Speaker of the Commons, Lindsay Hoyle, sort to carry out the Islamist commands whilst all the time trying to disguise what he was doing.

Hoyle, later attempted to paint himself as the hero of the episode, revealing that several MPs had received death threats so decided to capitulate with the terrorists as he had a 'duty of care' to those MPs.

But whilst he revealed the 'reason' for his capitulation he didn't once mention who was behind the terrorist threats. To be clear: the death threats came from supporters of Islam, and likely the same supporters of Islam who beamed from the river to the sea on Big Ben later the same day.

Lindsey Hoyle, in another act of cowardice then started to blame 'far-right activists' and 'White extremists' for the climate of fear that MPs now face even though the mythical 'far-right' had absolutely nothing to do with any of the events whatsoever.

To be clear: it was Muslims issuing death threats to bully British MPs into supporting their Genocide of the Jews.

June Slater reminded us how Lindsey Hoyle holds nothing but contempt for the British people.

The BBC's Laura Kuenssberg managed to write an entire article on the events and not mention muslims or islam once. She did however, manage to slip in the inevitable 'Jo Cox', 'Far right', and 'Islamaphobia' tropes in a blatant attempt to deflect from what had just happened.

Many on Social Media have posted clips of the late Margaret Thatcher and her response to terrorist threats.

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