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Enemy in Our Midst: A Million BRIT-HATING MUSLIMS to Target Remembrance Day

A protest by Pro-Palestinians to take place in London next weekend has been deliberately designed to attack the Remembrance Day commemorations on November 11th.

Islamic Groups from Northern Towns and Cities in the UK are calling on their Muslim Brothers to descend on London with the specific goal of disrupting Armistice Day. An act that, according to some security experts, is tantamount to declaring civil war.

A million Muslims are expected to descend on the capital from all around the UK with the express purpose of desecrating our most sacred of National Monuments again, this time on a day when the British people pay respect to those who fought and died in two world wars.

There have been several 'Pro-Palestinian' protests already in London, all sanctioned by Sadiq Khan, who allowed scaffolding to be erected at the Cenotaph and for it to be turned into an open-air Mosque with hundreds of Muslims being called to prayer by loudspeakers underneath the statues of fallen WW1 soldiers.

What isn't being reported by the mainstream media is that millions of Muslims in the UK regard the first world war as when they lost Palestine, even though this isn't true, the myth of Britain colonising the Palestinians and then handing the country to their sworn enemy is perpetuated both by Muslims and the left-wing media. It is this utter hatred of Britain that has made the Cenotaph a target.

This is, of course, a grotesque distortion of the truth. The Ottoman Empire was Islamic. The Ottomans sided with Germany in the first World War and were defeated by Britain and France who took control of the region following that defeat. Britain and France governed the region for several years after the war during which time the Muslims in that region systematically and repeatedly attempted to exterminate all Jews. It should be noted this was two decades before the formation of Israel.

Perhaps, if those Muslims had not attempted to repeatedly murder their Jewish neighbours that Israel would not have needed to exist. The Muslims who still lived there repeatedly attempted the genocide of the Jewish people, not the other way around. It was for that very reason that the British appealed to the newly formed League of Nations who proposed a two state solution.

These are the actual facts, but Muslims in Britain have been repeatedly told Britain were both 'colonisers' of Palestine and also 'gave' the land to the Jews. Neither point is true.

The Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC) announced that it plans to carry out the "Million March for Palestine" on Armistice Day which could disrupt the two minute silence being held at 11am. In a statement post on social media, PSC urged its followers to use the coming weekend to "prepare" for the march in response to Israel's ground invasion of Gaza.

Writing online, the group said: “On Saturday 4 November, join an action in your local area to call for a #CeasefireNOW and build for the next National march on November 11.”

The pro-Palestine campaign also named locations across the country for activists to congregate on November 4, including eight in London. But the proposals have received huge backlash with some suggesting the group are "inflaming tensions unnecessarily". One person wrote: "It’s disgraceful. Asking for trouble. Day picked precisely to antagonise." Another added: "It’s disgusting. So disrespectful of the people killed in the war. It won’t make the slightest difference to the events in the Middle East either!"

Many on Social Media have been noting that there has been a significant, and frightening, change in British society. It is clear now that millions of people who have come to this country not only don't like Britain, but harbour a deep hatred for it.

That hatred, once hidden, is now openly being exhibited on our streets. November the 11th may well be a watershed moment in British history once again, if only to expose the enemy within our midst.

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