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“Our Hospital Is Not Overstretched” – Senior NHS Surgeon in London

Latest occupancy figures leaked from a large NHS hospital in London

A senior surgeon has told Lockdown Sceptics that his large NHS hospital in London is not “in any way over-stretched” – and sent a picture of the latest occupancy figures to prove it.

As Lockdown Sceptics rightly point out 'This is just one hospital, of course, and there can be no doubt that a number of hospitals in London and some other regions are under extreme stress at the moment.' But as Lockdown Sceptics, TalkRadio and Vision News have also pointed out, the NHS overall is not under any more pressure than any other year.

They go on to say; The situation is exacerbated by the large numbers of staff self-isolating due to Covid testing and the additional workload entailed by Covid constraints. But the leak is a reminder that there are hospitals even in London where things are not out of the ordinary for January.

We have posted several video, recorded by the public, showing empty hospitals, to the obvious anger and frustration of NHS managers who are pushing the crisis narrative for both financial and political gain.

The NHS don't like the narrative being challenged, and this Surgeon will have put his entire career in jeopardy for telling the truth.

Watch how a senior NHS manager attempts to prevent Julia Hartley-Brewer from reporting the facts...

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